Dimi Angélis - Invite's Choice Podcast #063 (16.07.2012)

It might sound like a cliché, but sticking to what you believe in really does pay off in the end. Dimi has been actively involved in the Dutch technoscene since the late nineties, his legendary raves at various 

locations still speaking to the imagination of many. 
Technofreaks abroad must know Dimi from his Counterpart project (w/ Jeroen Search). For their sound they draw inspiration from the classical Detroit minimalists and give it their own contemporary twist. As for Dimi’s dj-sets, he can venture into the deepest of house or the bloodiest of nosebleed techno, but he always stays true to himself and to the music in its purest form. 
This week features the first ever returning guest on Invite's Choice. 

After Dimi Angélis went the ambient route in his previous podcast (#006), this time he pulls deep techno tracks out of his recordbag. 
I'm glad he did because his podcast turned out to be pretty damn amazing! 
Dimi and his partner in crime Jeroen Search are currently very active on the production front, showcased quite clearly by the number of high in demand records the duo's been putting out of late. 
Collectively also known as Counterpart, recent times have seen them focus mostly on their Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search moniker and a series of releases on Figure SPC, Traut Muzik, Balans and their own A&S are the result. 
Together they performed at some very nice clubs and festivals such as: Berghain, Tresor, Awakenings and Awakenings Festival. 
Dimi and myself are both represented by the young bookingsagency Offset, where Counterpart and Jeroen Search are also to be found on the roster. 
It is with good reason then that perhaps one of the most underrated artists I know, Dimi Angélis, is the first to provide a second podcast for Invite's Choice! 
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Artist: Dimi Angélis 
Tittle: Invite's Choice Podcast #063
Rls date: 16.07.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


In Search...

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