Vince Watson - Invite's Choice Podcast 053 (07.05.2012)

This week it's my own birthday and one of my best presents is a podcast from someone who can rightfully be called a musician, next to being a DJ and producer. Vince Watson is music. After so many years of activity he still doesn't receive enough credit for what he's done and still does. He has a truly unique sound, developed and evolved throughout his many years of making music. I can still instantly tell when I hear a Vince Watson track, a rare thing these days. 
Responsible for one of my favourite tracks ever, Mystical Rhythm (I had to re-purchase the vinyl as my original one simply gave up from all the plays), I am very, very happy Vince has managed to find time to do a special set for my Invite's Choice series. 
Last year I got a back-to-back set with major influence Steve Rachmad as a birthday gift, this year an exclusive set by a man which preform last weekend in Berghain and another personal hero; Vince Watson! Many tnx! 
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Artist: Vince Watson
Tittle: Invite's Choice Podcast 053
Rls date: 07.05.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1. Hans Zimmer - Old Souls
2. Midland - Tape Burn
3. Claro Intelecto - Blind Side
4. Exos - With The (Andre Zacco Remix)
5. Pig & Dan - Pollerweisen
6. Butane - Little Helpers 2
7. Roland Klinkenberg - Sud De La France
8. Vince Watson - Love in F Minor (Album Mix)
9. Alveol - Alignment (Brendon Moeller Remix)
10. Christian Vance - Step 3000 (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
11. Alexander Kowalski - Green Eyed
12. Till Kruger - 0001 (Vince Watson Remix)
13. Plankton - Edding (Mark Broom Remix)
14. Franciso Tristano - Auricle on Bio (Vince Watson Edit)

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