Super Flu @ Superrave,Munchen (16.05.2012)

Tinitus Pärt (Feliks Thielemann Mann) and Mathias Schwarz - it's Super Flu 
Electronic lifestyle includes more than just music - it is the beginning of a new Fusion! The ambition with Super Flu is to connect tradition with modern electronic music in the form of vitality and exuberance thereby always remain essential to meet user demands for quality Pulsative machine songs generally beyond all words is already a steady part of everywhere 
Super Flu acoustic art takes musically a step forward - and still remains techno with more than just one level! Details breaking structures subject background music for a journey between the two scenes on earth - and four speakers in a club or possibly just for the trip between cupboard and window? This new trend personifyall requirements Jagne instinctiveness tradition and musical feeling It's electronic lifestyle ...

Artist: Super Flu
Tittle: @ Superrave,Munchen
Rls date: 16.05.2012
Genre: Minimal, Tech House
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01 ID
02 R.u.x. – Wild West
03 Snilloc – Every Day
04 Cascandy – Hands On (Super Flu Hands On Cascandy Five & Six)
05 Tapesh & Albert Marzinotto – The Ambitious Personage
06 Ole Biege & Ronte Monte Mo – Marinade
07 ID
08 Traffic Signs – Hold It
09 ID
10 Super Flu – Poelsewoggn
11 Corrie & Grunbox – Big Mama
12 Format:B – Liquid / Desire (Super Flu Two For One Price Remix)
13 Mathias Kaden & Affkt – Kadenzaffkt
14 ID

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