Steve Rachmad - Parallel 9 mix (02-05-2012)

Parallel 9 is one of Steve Rachmad’s monikers, under which he crafts deep and slightly dubby techno. 

Tell us, exactly how long have you been waiting and longing for a new Parallel 9 EP?! Well, we’ll tell you, Dominus – the previous Parallel 9 EP on Music Man – dates from 2005, so a follow-up was long overdue. 
But it’s coming, a new Parallel 9 EP has been scheduled for the 14th of May! Three full tracks and three tools, on one fine double pack. Class A material, from the master himself!

Of all the fictitious names he used throughout his career to sign his productions, the ones that remained until today are Sterac, Sterac Electronics, Ignacio and Parallel 9. In the later years, he also releases more and more under his real name. The history of remixes continues into the present, including a variety of people, such as M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade, DK7, Clashing Egos, Sweet Coffee, Infinity (Juan Atkins vs Orlando Voorn), etc. In the latest years, next to his characteristic techno sound, he also actively focuses on electro, stripping it down to the old-school feel. His Sterac Electronics remixes of the vocal track Love Sweet Love (by Clashing Egos), Keep on Running (by Sweet Coffee) and Body Language (by M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade), and his own “Keep on running” and “Night Heat” releases on Music Man Records have ended up in the record bags of a wide variety of artists, from techno, to minimal, house and electro. He re-confirms his reputation as an artist with exquisite ear for technical qualities of sound, always returning to his soulful roots and maintaining the warmth of analogue-produced music.

Over the years, Steve lost the count of his productions and remixes. However, he built an oeuvre that is without a doubt of a high magnitude: both quality and quantity-wise. Unfortunately, his busy DJ schedule puts a limit on the time he would like to spend in his studio. Yet, he strives for the balance that would satisfy his enormous artistic appetite and potential. His devotion to his dreams and inspirations drives him safely into the successful future.

Artist: Steve Rachmad 
Tittle: Parallel 9 mix 
Rls date: 02-05-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Promo Mix

1 - Technique (A.R.T.LESS2197), (GEN013)
2 - Dominus (MM117)
3 - Desert Vibe (MM160)
4 - Magnetic Reversal (MM160)
5 - Ventris (MM117)
6 - Quadrus (PRIME043)
7 - Gnosis (PRIME039)
8 - Codex (MM063)
9 - Index (MM063)
10 - Technic (A.R.T.LESS2197), (GEN013)
11 - Warmless (MM160)

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