Rich Jones - Rhythm Converted Podcast #051 (31.05.2012)

Rich Jones has been honing his art for nearly a decade, after getting the techno bug at the age of 19 in 1999, via a Dave Clarke mixtape. After playing many parties and residencies in his local town for years, catering for a crowd who wanted there techno tough and driving, Rich got into production, and taught himself over the years via magazine guides and lots of fiddling about. His intentions were to initially just create grooves and loops he could mix in, to fill gaps he found in his musical needs during a set. This blossomed into a full on love of production and sound design that persists to this day, and no doubt for the rest of his life. 
Rich has a definite intention in mind when producing - to subvert 'trends' in techno via 'secret agent' tracks that take on the guise of modern techno, but utilise many more subtle elements, and retro influences (a big part of Rich's aesthetic) to make the tracks infinitely re-listenable and hypnotic. He also makes a lot of experimental techno and IDM that will soon be seeing the light of day. You can also find his deeper house tinged techno under his alias Lamech. 
He intends for his tracks to be journeys in and of themselves, as well as tools for creative DJs, and, as such, believes to skip through one of his tracks is to miss the point. The flow from the very beginning is important, in his view of groove and rhythm. He also has a weakness for massive kick-drums! This probably relates back to his tough-house and industrial techno days (see his 8-Sided Dice track 'Asshai for an example of one of these typical Rich Jones wolf-In-sheeps-clothing tracks, with it's neo-detroit synth riff and HUGE kick). The real magic of Rich's tracks often takes place in his intricate and detailed percussion and rhythm sections, where his aim is too all-out hypnotize the listener into a trance, where subtle timbre and pitch changes in hi-hats, rides, and other percussion = instant grooving delight. 
Now releasing records on the UK's finest, Soma Records, he has also been recently making a name for himself on Alan Fitzpatrick’s 8-Sided Dice label with a string of big room baiting, intricate, and extremely powerful techno bombs, and consistently being in Richie Hawtin’s twitter tracklist since summer 2009. His music has been played everywhere from Fabric in London, to the Womb Club in Tokyo, via clubs and festivals the world over, with scene heroes such as Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Dave Clarke, Joel Mull, Laurent Garnier, Cari Lekebusch, Slam, Speedy J, John Selway, Mark Broom, Josh Wink and many more supporting and playing Rich’s plethora of hypnotic Techno tools. 
Splicing intricate percussion layers with tribal tinged grooves, on an aural foundation of dystopian futurism, Rich’s Sci-Fi Techno soundscapes will be sound tracking the hottest nights on the planet for a long time to come...
His intentions are to provide a myriad of diverse tools for techno djs to weave into their sets; and create techno tunes that, in and of themselves, send listeners on a journey, whether at home, in the car, or at the club....

Artist: Rich Jones
Tittle: Rhythm Converted Podcast #051
Rls date: 31.05.2012
Genre: Techno
Release/catalogue number: RCP051 
Souce WEB
Type: Set

01. David Gtronic - Deimos (Mr G Out Remix) [Monique Musique] 
02. Mike Denhert - Mischkaa [Colombage] 
03. Rich Jones - Passed That 
04. Mike Denhert - Quattro 
05. Unbalance - Fluid (Jonas Kopp Remix) 
06. Mr.G - Got That Swing 
07. Psyk & Alberto Pascual - Descent [Drumcode] 
08. Rich Jones - Solid State (Fig Mix) 
09. Lex Gorrie - Drug Raid (Flug Remix) [Driving Forces] 
10. Unbalance - Wanna Be Yours 
11. Operator - Archaic Revival 
12. Developer - Programma 
13. Tom Hades - Saga (Rich Jones Remix) [Rhythm Converted] 
14. Joey Beltram - Ballpark (Steve Bicknell Remix) [Tresor] 
15. Operator - Gigas 
16. Rich Jones - Breaking The Veil 
17. Weak Become Heroes - Unknown 
18. Rich Jones - Intersection 
19. Rich Jones - Neutrino Ridin 
20. Operator - Elements 
21. Operator - Dystopia

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