Michael Mayer & Superpitcher [Kompakt] @ 4GB 2012 - Tbilisi (07.04.2012)

Biography of Michael Mayer:
As a DJ, producer and remixer, Michael Mayer remains one of Germany's core celebrities in dance music. It's no secret that he spends his weekends traveling around the globe. It's likely throughout his career he's played in front of millions. Then, as a co-owner of Kompakt, he spends his weekdays deciding what will be released on the label and working with the label's artists and overseeing Kompakt's distribution wing - the home of over 50 record labels. Amazingly enough, he manages to sneak into the studio on occasion to produce his own music and remix the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Foals and Rufus Wainwright. And of course there is Supermayer but more on that later. It's safe to say he loves being challenged and regardless of the pressure is never putting less than 100% of his heart and soul into everything he does.

Born in 1971 in the Black Forest, he was exposed to DJing as a young teen when he befriended a neighborhood DJ and light designer who gave him mix tapes and snuck him into the local club. "The image of someone standing behind the turntables is carved into my memory. I knew at once that was what I wanted to do". Taking up the trade of a paperboy a wee 14 year old Mayer managed to earn enough for turntables and a mixer. Soon after, he was the star of the school dance and maestro for the local birthday parties. At the tender age of 18, Mayer graduated to the world of disco and became Saturday night resident of Achern's leading club at the time, Why Not. Sadly short-lived, Michael's musical tastes didn't match the crowd's bid for commercial cuts and so he was banished to peruse more "underground" projects.

By this time it's the early '90's and dance music couldn't be any bigger. Michael joins up with a local DJ adversary, Tobias Thomas and two other friends to create the DJ team, Friends Xperiment Sound System. The team dissolved due to Thomas moving to Cologne and the others to Berlin leaving young Mayer to decide between province or capital. Cologne wins and withTobias Thomas reinvent Friends Xperiment but commit to a straight 4/4 - house and techno mandate. It runs like wildfire, playing all over town which included a residency at the legendary IZ club - Cologne's community hub of that time.

By 1993, Cologne had become Mayer's second home. A huge reason for this was the record store Delirium. A cocky Mayer was quick to tell the owners Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt, Jürgen Paape, and Jörg Burger how dismal their record selection was. His egg'ing on ended up earning him a job and a respect from his peers. Within that year he would become a co-owner and buyer for the shop. Over the next 5 years, Michael continued to thrive from his DJing, performing now in different cities - motivated by the birth of minimal techno and the tidal wave of innovative music that was coming out of Cologne at that time. Much of which came from his Delirium partners. He would also start producing his own music…

Artist: Michael Mayer & Superpitcher [Kompakt]
Tittle: @ 4GB 2012 - Tbilisi
Rls date: 07.04.2012
Genre: Techno, Deep, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: set

01. Mood II Swing - Move Me [Music For Your Ears - MF-02]
02. Smallpeople & Rau - Meadows [Smallville 21]
03. Murat Tepeli - Ciftetelli [Philpot - PHP059]
04. Agoria feat. Scalde - Singing (Dixon Dub) [Innervisions - IV36]
05. Slove - Flash (Pachanga Boys Remix) [Pschent Music - 376020 9410143]
06. Supermayer - Saturndays [Kompakt - KOM 164]
07. Kasper Bjørke with Jacob Bellens - Lose Yourself To Jenny (Rebolledo Remix) [hfn12]
08. Blond:ish - Lucy's Affair [Kompakt - KOM 253]
09. Superpitcher - White Lightning [Kompakt - KOM 240]
10. Tyree - Nuthin Wrong [Mojuba - MU 1]
11. Pépé Bradock - Wonderbra [KIF.S.A 002]
12. Rebolledo - Steady Gear Rebo Maschine [Cómeme LP 01]
13. Christian S. - The Power Of Now [Còmeme 013]
14. Justus Köhncke - Homogen [Kompakt - KOM 77]

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