Mark Hawkins - Live @ Dreikommanull Meets Syntax - Distillery - Leipzig - Germany (05-05-2012)

Biography of Mark Hawkins:
'I make music I like, influenced by sounds from the mid 90s coming out of Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Eindhoven and many other places. I made records for Djax and Mosquito. I played in a lot of different clubs around the world, but this isn't important to what I do right now. The moment is important, and making good music right now is important, much more important that any "Claims to fame" I might have.' - Mark Hawkins, 2011.

Being lucky enough to catch the last wave of a more widespread techno scene at the end of the 90s was important in establishing Hawkins as a purveyor of electronic music with attitude. Almost as a backlash to the plethora of loop based techno productions that were prevalent at the time, Mark began to chart out his own path as to where he thought the techno sound should be going into the twenty-first century. Finding tribal styles too repetitive and boring, and more experimental sounds, whilst interesting and creative, too irrelevant for most audiences, Hawkins burst onto dancefloors worldwide with his cult 2001 Djax Up Beats debut “Ctrl Alt Delete”. Fusing raw Chicago styled beats with melancholic synth melodies in an abrasive fashion, it championed a sound unlike the mainstream of techno at the time.

This led to a multitude of releases over the next few years, alongside numerous DJ and Live appearances all over Europe, as well as visits to such far flung places as Israel and Australia. Interest in different experiences and cultures tied with a fascination of life behind the former iron curtain, and facilitated by a relocation from the UK to Berlin, Germany, Hawkins proceeded to extensively tour through eastern Europe, taking in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, discovering many previously unknown scenes, events, Djs and producers.

As time went by Hawkins exposed his deeper side, showing a diversity of sound not often found amongst dancefloor producers. This culminated in his 2007 album “The Doomsday Clock” which he released as a free download through his own website.

Mark has battled over the years with the tough equation of artistic integrity versus commercial success, having often felt pulled from every direction over the issue. Non reliance on music for sole income has become an important part of maintaining his own creative direction without interference from market forces. Not needing to think about commercial viability has allowed him to experiment not only with music which isn't just the lowest common denominator, but also with new business models for music which step outside of the traditional music industry outlets and put the artists and fans of the music in charge rather than “the industry”.

Forthcoming projects from Hawkins include limited edition vinyl releases, free digital releases through his own website and Serbian based net label Teskoba. He continues to tour his live performances worldwide.

Artist: Mark Hawkins
Tittle: Live @ Dreikommanull Meets Syntax - Distillery - Leipzig - Germany
Rls date: 05-05-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Live set

1. DVS 1 “Break Away” (Klockworks)
2. Tractile “Silent movie” (Minus)
3. Justin Berkovi “Celeste Remake” (Force Inc.)
4. Boner M “Zoidar” (Don’t)
5. Oliver Ho “The Gathering” (Blueprint)
6. Cristian Vogel “Mulch Love” (Snork Enterprises)
7. Tim Exile “Inseminov” (Mosquito)
8. Rebekah “Cult Figures 1- B1″ (Cult Figures)
9. Bill Youngman “HH3 (Sandwell District Remix)” (Killekill)
10.Digital PrinceZZ “Out of focus” (Mosquito)
11.Lakker “Spider Silk” (Killekill)
12.DJ Hell “Hot on the Heels of Love (Dave Clarke remix)” (Disko B)
13.DJ Hell “Totmacher” (Disko B)
14.Surgeon “Klonk” (Dynamic Tension)
15.Surgeon “Floorshow Part I B1″ (Counterbalance)
16.Surgeon “Floorshow Part II A2″ (Counterbalance)
17.Deeon “Gigabytes” (Dance Mania)
18.PWOG “Kraak” (KK)
19.Mark Hawkins “Acid Ist Fertig” (Tochka)
20.Henning Baer “Folsom” (Sonic Groove)
21.Mark Hawkins “Acid’s Coming Back” (Tochka) “Frozen Border 11 B1″ (Frozen Border)
23.Jamie Lidell “Sonelysome(o)ney” (Sativae)
24.Cristian Vogel “Demolish” (Sativae)
25.Neil Landstrumm “Ring Binder” (Peacefrog)
26.Omar S “Blown Valvetrain” (Sound Signature)
27.Neil Landstrumm “Quimm” (Peacefrog)
28.Mark Hawkins “Anon” (Mosquito)
29.Clarke “Vulcon Veins” (Warp)
30.The Traveller “A100″ (Ostgut Ton)
31.JTC “Relentless Order” (Nation)
32.Chancellor “Insane” (Black Naion)
33.JB3 “Forklift (Luke Slater’s Filtered Mix)” (Novamute)
34.Cristian Vogel “Shoe Renounce Soul” (Tresor) 

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