Collabs - CLR Podcast #169 (21.05.2012)

It is Monday the 21st of May and we have two of the most respected Techno artists of our time on this week´s CLR Podcast. Today Chris Liebing and Speedy J are presenting us two hours out of a recent five hours Collabs set at the Lehmann Club in Stuttgart. Originally they were supposed to play separate solo sets, but as it has happened several times before, they soon ended up playing together, spontaneously teaming up for one of their recently rare Collabs sets. None of them needs any further introduction as they have been writing Techno history for many years by now – both individually as solo artists and together as Collabs. If you would like to see Collabs live, you can do this on the upcoming Official Movement Afterparty on May 26th in Detroit, which will be hosted by CLR. And if you would like to know more about Collabs, Chris Liebing and Speedy J, please visit the websites mentioned below: Speedy J Web Speedy J facebook Electric Deluxe Web CLR Web Chris Liebing facebook

Artist: Chris Liebing & Speedy J
Tittle: CLR Podcast #169 
Rls date: 21.05.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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Listen and download here

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