Agoria – Romy S (Club) Radioshow (10-05-2012)

Sebastien Devaud, aka Agoria, makes noisy electro-influenced techno as only the French can do.

Just out of his teens, Sebastien Devaud – not yet Agoria, but already a music lover – stamped his feet in front of the counter of a record shop specialized in electronic sounds (or house music as it was then known). He was waiting for improbable American or German vinyls that would shape a culture and a well-defined willpower to engage permanently in an eccentric/electric lifestyle…

A true education in parallel to the countryside family nest, where his fairly artistic parents (his father is the architect of the bubble-house on the cover of his debut album, and his mother teaches music) give him a taste for music and real life, where childhood friends are friends for life, and where his radio serves as a musical matrix…

When he discovers the first techno tracks and raves, it was a true electroshocks that will lead this young man to give life to what could have been a mere childhood dream, mark of the passionate worker with an insatiable curiosity and eternal smile.

Artist: Agoria
Tittle: Romy S (Club) Radioshow
Rls date: 10-05-12
Genre: Minimal, House
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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