Vlad Caia - Nightclubber Podcast # 52 (09.04.2012)

"Nightclubber Podcast 52 is signed by Vlad Caia one of the most appreciated Romanian producers. For Vlad Caia, sensitive music is a part of him. His music is, in essence, the nature of art combined with the expression of the artist mind. It is always something related to feelings and intuition. And the originality and complexity of his work can be experienced only when listening to his releases and of course, when attending his live performances. For those of you, that want to hear Vlad Caia playing live, you are invited to our warehouse London Event on the 21st of April. He is the kind of artist which gives you, trough his musical storytelling, dynamism, intricacy, freshness for the surprising minimal shifts.

The musical journey of Vlad Caia started in his youth, when he took some piano classes, which he left behind only to focus on another type of music, electronic music, which gave him the opportunity to experiment and play with the sound, performing a sort of music storytelling. With time and practice, his work started to take the form of complex and profound soundscapes, becoming a soundtrack for his personal experiences.

Vlad Caia‘s work started with the founding of an electronic group to which he set up the basis of in his hometown. The next step he took in 2007 led him to another level which was the release of his first solo work, launched by Next Dimension Music, followed by several releases on other labels. Among his materials, Chango EP signed by Vlad in 2009 at Dinky‘s Horizontal label received international attention being licensed further on Cocoon.

An important landmark for his musical journey is set by his participation at the Red Bull Music Academy in London, in 2010, an experience which brought him further knowledge and experience exchange with the other participants.

For some years Vlad Caia lives in Oslo, Norway, a place where he got the change to meet another kind of civilization and to better understand himself, musically speakin . Being away from his home country gives him a particular perspective on music. Norway is a relaxing environment offering him the convenient circumstances to produce and experiment at the level of his potential.

Besides his solo work, Vlad Caia also collaborates with his friend and artist, Cristi Cons, with whom he set the basses for the SIT project, a platform which gave them the chance to try new things and at the 8thedition of the Sunwaves Festival, this project premiered successfully. This collaboration with Cristi Consarrived in 2011 to another level with the Amphia label, setting up a more elaborate approach to “music that morphs in ways they can only imagine“."

Artist: Vlad Caia
Tittle: Nightclubber
Source: WEB
Rls date: 09.04.2012
Gerne: Deep, techno
Type: SET


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