Tomy DeClerque - My Chart - April 2012

A member of the new generation of Slovenian deejays, Tomy DeClerque grew up in an environment full of promising development in the sphere of electronic dance music. In front of his eyes the local scene has been turning into a globally acknowledged style of techno music in the hands of artists such as Umek and Valentino Kanzyani. A natural choice for a guy with talent and ambition was to jump the train – and Tomy DeClerque has road it ever since.
Performing as a deejay since he turned seventeen Tomy DeClerque soon realised that making his own production was essential if he wanted his carrier to really take off. He hooked up with his friend Zox to form the Tomy or Zox duo, and their hard work paid off as their My Desire single received some favourable feedback in Spain, Russia and Mexico. However, it was the Music Makes Me Happy hit single that caught the attention of top artists being remixed by the likes of Mainframe and ATCF, and released on several prestigious compilations, such as Ministry Of Sound, DJ Awards at Pacha Ibiza and Blanco Y Negro Mix. ‘The greatest satisfaction, though, – Tomy says – was when we got set as Essential new tune of the week on Pete Tong’s celebrated Essential selection radio show.’
After parting ways with Zox, Tomy felt that it was time to take a break from a demanding life of producer and performer, before he went on to start his solo career. Searching for genuine underground sound that could revive the authentic feeling of electronic dance music he experienced in his youth Tomy turned to Valentino Kanzyani’s Jesus Loved You label releasing a much praised I Don’t Know. Driven by his passion for teamwork, a lot of his studio work is done in collaboration with his friend F. Sonik. The duo’s first major success was winning VONYC remix competition with a remix of Valentino Kanzyani’s Nueva York.
As a young player, Tomy DeClerque has accomplished a lot. But he is determined to accomplish even more. ‘You’ll hear a lot about me in the future,’ he promises. 

Artist: Tomy DeClerque
Tittle: My Chart - April 2012
Rls date: 10.04.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


01. Thumping (Tomy DeClerque remix) - Nonnus - Silicon Records (PROMO)
02. E-Objects (Jon Rundell remix) - Danny Serrano, Soulrack, Mikel_E - Rizoma (PROMO)
03. Duplex - Adoo & Unique - (PROMO)
04. Aestival (Original Mix) - Hitchcock - Miniaturesrec (PROMO)
05. Source Code (Tomy DeClerque remix) - A.K.O. - Pragmatik (PROMO)
06. Bumper One (Original Mix) - Lutzenkirchen - Platform B (PROMO)
07. Bam Bam (Sasha Carassi remix) - Secret Cinema, Kalden Bess (aka m0h) - Ground Factory (PROMO)
08. Water Works (Original mix) - Axel Karakasis - Remain Records (PROMO)
09. Borderline (Original mix) - Lorenzo D'Ianni - LCMTC (PROMO)
10. KKS1 - Dataminions - (PROMO)

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