Stacey Pullen - Soundwall Podcast 098 (30-04-2012)

Something about Stacey Pullen:
Stacey Pullen was spending very little time in the US, despite his home in Detroit. He spent the next few years DJing, developing his taste and his ideas about himself, every so often coming home to his proudly self-built studio in downtown Detroit. He also started Black Flag with his partner of that time, and started releasing records as 'Black Odyssey', starting with 'Sweat' in 1998 and then 'The Stand in 2000'. 

Around that time, as vinyl started to look a little shakier and after 8 years of consecutive releasing and touring, Stacey took a break from recording. Despite the number of offers he was receiving Stacey has always wanted to be conservative with his releasing schedule – keeping an audience attentive and wanting more rather than being over saturated. He preferred to aim for timeless music so Stacey felt that he would be better to have a break from recording rather than release anything less than classic. He began to ramp up his DJing schedule even more, and spent the next 4 to 5 years concentrating mainly on furthering his own musical education.

“I thought that maybe I needed to get back out in the DJ circuit and find out what was going on. I made it a point to go to places I've never been before and see people’s responses to what I played, and I’ve been doing that until now. It has been a good ride so far.” 

Black Flag went on hiatus in 2001 and Stacey let the world of production – very much in flux in the early 21st century – take its course for a little while, while he concentrated on DJing. As one of the very few Detroit DJs travelling to Europe, he has still felt the need to provide some education about new underground electronic music – from Detroit and otherwise. Through this time, Stacey's reputation as a DJ became as much of a drawcard as his reputation as a producer, and he became renowned for long, experimental, adventurous and soulful journeys through music that lasted at least 5 hours. For Stacey 2 hour gigs are just a warm up! He sees each set as a 'best of' all dance music through time – there is no one style he prefers, Stacey just plays the best of everything, with an emphasis on passion and innovation: no two sets are alike. 

2007 sees Stacey still on the road DJing each and every weekend, bringing his signature eclecticism to some lucky part of the planet, however many things have changed in the last 5 years in terms of a Stacey Pullen show. More opportunity to provide spontaneity and personalisation than ever exists, because of new technology, and Stacey is taking advantage of all of it! Many tracks he will play on any given night are edits he has created while travelling to a gig during that day! He DJs original tracks from vinyl, but many of his own edits and tracks are freshly burned to cd – edits of tracks he has made, he has been sent by other artists, promos, tracks he has bought. As a result, every set becomes more personalised, more unique, and indisputably a window into Stacey's musical passions. 

The lure of this technological innovation has also brought Stacey back to the studio, making his own tracks and executive producing other artists. Also, excitingly, he has rekindled his Black Flag label and has been preparing new releases using a mixture of analogue equipment and digital post production which he thinks are amongst his best ever work, plus plans to release older material which has never been heard before. These days the DJing and the production go hand in hand in terms of his enjoyment and inspiration.

“I'd say I'm one coin with 2 sides. Heads and tails can't have one without the other. I have built my reputation more on being a good DJ, but the music I have put out and created has been well received. I have always strived for longevity, and I think right at this moment, my fans haven't heard the best of what I have to offer. I've also got loads of unreleased material that will be released, from 8 years ago and it sounds like it was made 2 weeks ago. It's going to be coming out on Black Flag in summer time here: June or July. Right now all I'm doing is sitting in the lab making the masterpiece. The future of music for me is exciting and will be an adventure, I'm excited about it and this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Artist: Stacey Pullen 
Tittle: Soundwall Podcast 098 
Rls date. 30-04-2012
Genre: Minimal, Deep, Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. Audio Werner - If...
02. The Junkies & Nathan Barato - For You One Time (original mix)
03. Cuartero - Samala
04. Dirty Culture - It's A Freak In Me (Someone Else remix)
05. Unknown
06. Mendo - Gringo (feat Andre Butano - Miguel Lobo & Andre Butano remix)
07. Miguez - El Paradise
08. Arjun Vagale - Slimy Ditty
09. Darlyn Vlys - Be My Friend (original mix)
10. Alexis Cabrera - Please Kiss Me (Ronan Portela remix)
11. Guy Gerber - Nothing Can Be True

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