Roger Gerressen - BALANS015

"Roger is about to unleash the ultradark dub tech on the Inked Jester EP on Wolfskuil Ltd. The right time to introduce him into the BALANS podcast series! He gave as perfectly balanced, slow paced mix gradually moving from ambient, drones and electronica into the deepest forms of (dub) techno and deep house. Stunning!

And nobody, I repeat NOBODY escapes our Q&A!

01.What is you relationship with Balans?

I'm a friend of Darko, did some releases on Wolfskuil in the past and I've got a new one coming up in a few weeks.

02.What do you do to try and stay in balance? Any tips & secrets you would like to share with us night folks?

a bit cliche, but just do what makes you happy!

03.About the podcast, can you tell us the story behind the mix?

wanted to keep the mix slow and deep, so it would be a nice listening experience when relaxing at home..

04.What gear did you use to make the Balans podcast?

2cdjs and a mixer

05.Were do you have in store for us (gigs/releases) the coming months?

Inked Jester EP is about to be released on Wolfskuil Ltd. and got some nice feedback. There will also be a new release on ESHU Records, the label I recently started with my fellow ESHU members.. Keep an eye out for that one too!"

Artist: Roger Gerressen
Tittle: BALANS015
Rls date: april 2012
Genre: Deep, Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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