Karotte Live @ Like A Virgin, (Goa Fabrik, Madrid) (22-04-2012)

There are loads of DJs. Sometimes far too many. Sometimes far too few truly good ones. But what is a good DJ, anyway? Especially within the club culture, good does not always mean that which people like.

But good is also certainly not something unpleasant, irritating or accentuatedly contrary. So, perhaps a good DJ is one that brings both together. One who plays music - or designs a night - in such a way, that his performance has „pleased” everybody, that the music induced joy and euphoria, and which perhaps was even inspiring for all of those present.

Artist: Karotte
Tittle: Live @ Like A Virgin, (Goa Fabrik, Madrid)
Rls date: 22-04-2012
Genre: Tech House, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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