Garrett Dillon - Blank Code Podcast #051 (23-04-2012)

It’s Monday April 23rd, 2012 and we are happy to give you the next Blank Code podcast by Garrett Dillon. Garrett is an established techno DJ and producer from Detroit, MI. Influenced by the expansive warehouse sounds of Detroit techno’s second wave, Garrett has been DJing since 1998 and producing music since 2001.

He is also the co-owner of Dystopian Rhythm, a record label focusing on the darker side of techno. Several high profile names are slated to be released on the label, with the first release coming in the fourth quarter of 2012. Keep up with Garrett Dillon’s work on Soundcloud, but for now enjoy this mix.

Artist: Garrett Dillon 
Tittle: Blank Code Podcast #051 
Rls date: 23-04-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

Ochu Laross - Dead Ghost (Felix Lorusso Remix)
Sebastian Pena - Black Acid (Maksim Dark Remix)
Maksim Dark - Here Is The Bomb
Elgenes Rezept - Knot
Mikael Jonasson - Morphogenesis
Matador - Black Shapes
DCibel - Bad Man (Mikael Pfeiffer Remix)
Virgil Enzinger & Submerge - Black Blade (Sasha Carassi Remix)
Erphun - Brood1
Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr - Creepy
Forest People - Metatron
A. Trebor - Quemadura Del Sol (Subfractal Remix)
Frank Sonic & Mike Maass - Gomez (Adam Jay Remix)
Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Sweet Necroses
Mikael Pfeiffer - Trabs
Garrett Dillon - Simulation
Joseph Capriati - Spring Sprouts
Inustrialyzer & Advent - TVR
Scouts In Bondage - Embracing The Dancefloor

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