Rebolledo - PlayGround Mix # 064 (01.03.2012)

Mexico is a country that has put out undeniable electronic talent for years. Unquestionable talents like Murcof and Cubenx, producers who have known how to be on the cutting edge of emotional synthetic music over the last decade, at times do very well crossing the line separating the experimental from the dance floor. But if there is one artist who is currently Mexico’s ambassador to the rest of the world, it is Mauricio Rebolledo— original, special, as if he had come from another time and place. His approach to techno –with traces of dark synth-pop, EBM and a perverse sense of humour– is starting to create its own school. We discovered him when Matías Aguayo decided to start his record label Cómeme with the valuable ideas contributed in “Pitaya Frenesí”, today a minimal classic with Latin touches and a freaky attitude. Over time, his stature has risen higher and higher, culminating in its current peak, best summed up by two projects: “Super Vato” (Cómeme, 2011), his debut album released in October of last year, and his parallel adventure in Pachanga Boys, his duo with Superpitcher.

Rebolledo gives us volume 064 of our series of PG Mixes, and he does so calling on a lot of his own material, vinyl hidden away in the enormous minimal production of the mid-90s. He even uses a classic Laurie Anderson song, always keeping the tension up in an hour-long journey that will make you move like a wild thing (at the very least, your neck will). Rebolledo has a 2012 full of gigs ahead of him –don’t miss him at the beginning of June when he hits Barcelona’s San Miguel Primavera Sound festival– and this mix is a good example of what you are going to find when he comes in to heat up the floor: analogue whiplash, studs, leather, alcohol and irrepressible fun. To further illustrate PG Mix 064, we have recovered the conversation that we had with Rebolledo last October, coinciding with the release of “Super Vato”.

Artist: Rebolledo [Kompakt/Comeme] 
Tittle:  PlayGround Mix 064 
Rls date: 01.03.2012
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: SET

Pachanga Boys: “Thunderscat”
Rebolledo: “Guerrero Beats”
Kasper Björke: “Lose Yourself To Jenny (Rebolledo Remix)”
Rebolledo featuring Superpitcher: “Meet Me At TOPAZdeluxe”
Moroder / Summer: “Hot Stuff (Edit)”
Jürgen Paape: “Fruity Loops 2”
Hiltmeyer Inc: “FinalAhh”
Steve Pointdexter: “Faces Drums 3”
Le Dust Sucker: “Mean Boy (Edit)”
Pachanga Boys: “Time”
Laurie Anderson: “Sharky’s Day”
Dorau / Köhncke: “Durch Die Nacht (Geiger Mix)”
Coma: “Fiction”
El Güero Fresa Presenta: “Convertible Ride”


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