Dr. Hoffmann – Blind Spot 145 (Guest Mattias Fridell) (12-03-2012)

Biography of Mattias Fridel:
Swedish DJ/producer Mattias Fridell has been actively involved in the techno scene since the 1990s, inspired early on by EDM and the developing techno movement in Sweden.

In 2000 Fridell's first record, cut with Alexander Johansson, was released and it garnered the duo a reputation as two of the more promising producers to look out for. Their music was subsequently played by some of the highest profile DJs as well as noted by Calle Dernulf—a radio guru in Sweden who has been pushing techno and house music to the masses. From there Fridell and Johansson released their music on a succession of classic and legendary labels such as Audio Assault, ARMS and XXX Records.

When Johansson decided to take a six year break from electronic dance music, Mattias Fridell kept right on going.

For nearly a decade he's released quality techno and other forms of electronic dance music, working along the way with a growing number of respected labels and artists. In 2010 Fridell teamed up with techno icon Glenn Wilson to create throbbing music and also launch the label project Tonal Path. He's also collaborated with other producers from around the world and succeeded in re-introducing his old collaborator Alexander Johansson to the techno scene—they're now as strong as ever in their partnership.

While constantly implementing new ideas and retaining his signature sound, Mattias is always inspired to work several directions within dance music's deep maze of rabbit holes.

From starting out in the '90s delivering the sound of authentic Swedish techno, his musical journey took him through a variety of musical twists. Along the way he's salvaged everything from hard techno to classic Detroit-inspired beats, down to a minimalistic approach as well as the work that defines his sound today: the dark, deep, industrial tones and rich, deep dubby flavours—with lots of erosion and a smattering of dirt.

Working against the trends, but assimilating slices he likes along the way, Fridell will carry on producing his unique, innovative vibes.

Artist: Dr Hoffmann
Tittle: Blind Spot 145 (Guest Mattias Fridell)
Rls date: 12-03-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: web
Type: Set

01, Mattias Fridell – Cassation (Unreleased)
02, Eshu РLunar Farside (Jeroen Search & Dimi Ang̩lis Remix) (Eshu001)
03, Cassegrain – Painter Of Modern Life (M_Rec Ltd 11)
04, Mattias Fridell – Impalement Iii (Translucent 13)
05, Logotech – Miumu (Ktr037)
06, Dib – Otaku 003 (Cieli Di Orione 18)
07, Mary Velo – Nass (Gynoidd063)
08, Philip Kipphan – Displace (Mattias Fridell Remix) (Bsm014)
09, Mark Broom – M28 (Truncate Remix) (Gynoid09)
10, Worx – Machines (Urbano Synth Remix) (Shout052)
11, Dead Sound – Split Blood (Cp001)
12, Kereni – Delphi (Archetypes 004)
13, Thomas Hessler – Lost (Graphene 01)
14, Mattias Fridell – Conquer Or Overcome (Smr016)
15, Chris Page – Used (Mattias Fridell Remix) (Affinltd001)
16, Ground Loop – Atonal (Moreland & Parker Version) (Gynoidaudiod059)
17, Cleric – Debt Free Mann (Unreleased)
18, S-Tek – Blackbird (Audiolabor10)
19, Luis Ruiz – The Holographic Talbor (Sub01ltd)



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