DJ 3000 - 10 Years of Motech - Fabric Podcast (13.03.2012)

It’s been 10 years now that DJ3000, aka Franki Juncaj, has been running his Motech Records imprint from his home town of Detroit. With him being part of the internationally revered Underground Resistance crew, the influence of his parent’s Albanian roots were also a big part of what was to become the techno-funk fuelled Motech sound. Balkan basslines intersperse with wide berth synths across a body of work that always resonated on this side of the big pond with artists like Ben Sims, Dave Clark and Chris Finke – the latter of whom will join 3000 in Room Two a week on Saturday. Finke will join 3000, Aril Brikha and Ken Ishii who will actually be performing in our club for the first time in his career.

In anticipation for this Room Two takeover, 3000 has put together a special mix that chronicles his personal highlights from Motech’s discography to date as well as a taste of what’s still to come from the decade old label. In the accompanying interview he also talks to us about his roots and the values important to keeping up the Motech sound.

Also check out a really interesting interviow to DJ 3000

Artist: DJ 3000
Tittle: 10 Years of Motech - Fabric Podcast
Rls date: 13.03.2012
Genre: Detroit Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. DJ 3000 - untitled - Motech *unreleased
02. Subotika - Evolving - Motech *unreleased
03. DJ 3000 - Takism - Motech * unreleased
04. DJ 3000 - Voulez - Motech * unreleased
05. DJ 3000 - So Sheik (Alexis Tyrel remix) - Motech
06. DJ 3000 - On The Edge of Love (Raul Mezcolanza remix) - Motech
07. Franki Juncaj - You Can Run But You Cant Hide (Spiros Kaloumenos remix) - Motech
08. Alexis Tyrel - The Time is Now - Motech *unreleased
09. DJ 3000 featuring Esteban Adame - Midnight Express (Ben Sims remix) - Motech
10. DJ 3000 - Meridian (Mark Broom remix) - Motech
11. DJ 3000 featuring San - Hotel Oasiz (Robert Hood remix) - Motech
12. Franki Juncaj featuring Fer BR - The Pressure (Enthousiaste Gasten remix) - Motech
13. Dapayk Solo - Here I Am - Motech *unreleased
14. Gary Martin - Bus Stop in Budapest - Motech
15. DJ 3000 - So Sheik (Samuel L Session remix) - Motech
16. DJ 3000 - Sacred Time - Motech
17. DJ 3000 - Her Smile (Mark Flash remix) - Motech
18. Shawn Snell - For Those Who Know - Motech *unreleased
19. Gerald Mitchell - Belly Dancer ( DJ 3000 remix) - Motech

Also check this event:

"Motech Records are coming to fabric on the 24th March – DJ 3000 is bringing guests Ken Ishii, Aril Brikha and Chris Finke to celebrate 10 years of the Detroit imprint in action.

To celebrate he’s put together this 10 Years of Motech X fabric Mix featuring highlights of the label to date as well as some new and unreleased material"

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