Sander Baan - Autobrennt Podcast #042 (22-02-2012)

We turn to a relatively unknown, yet already quite influential figure, in Germany for our next podcast. Sander Baan has only the odd production and remix to his name (on labels like the ever-consistent High Grade) but already is he shaping the house and techno world through other means… namely his labels Phonocult and Feeling High Records which have released classy music from producers including Guido Schneider, Barem and Bruno Pronsato. As a DJ is how Baan earns his crust, however, spinning deep and connoisseur selections of house and techno that work their way under your skin, soothe your soul but also get you dancing.

Artist: Sander Baan 
Tittle: Autobrennt Podcast #042 
Rls date: 22-02-2012
Genre: Deep, tech house
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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