ROD aka Benny Rodriques @ RODnacht - Perron - Rotterdam - Netherlands (03-02-2012)

Something about the Dj Set:
If you were looking for a very sick also a old school techno full of energy! this is the perfect 1.5 hours dj set, by ROD aka Benny Rodriques at RODnacht - Perron - Rotterdam - Netherlands, This is just the las 1.5 hours of an 8 hour All Night Long set. You can imagine the last part of such a BIG NIGHT i think a LONG NIGHT full of techno...

Artist: ROD aka Benny Rodriques
Tittle: @ RODnacht - Perron - Rotterdam - Netherlands
Rls date: 03-02-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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  ROD [last 1.5 hour of 8 hour All Night Long set] @ RODnacht, Perron, Rotterdam (3-2-2012) by Rod Malmok


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