Julie Marghilano - Background Techno Experience Podcast #247 - (08-02-2012)

Biography of Julie Marghihlano:
Julie is a classically trained musician that has been playing the violin since the early age of 10. Her improvisational musical capacities were definitely inherited by her father, who has a long career as a jazz guitarist and arranger for artists such as FRANK SINATRA, SAMMY DAVIS JR., and LENA HORN.

In the last 12 years of her career, julie has created a unique sound by transforming and fusing a classical instrument like the violin into a electronic weapon with groovy hypnotizing house, deep and techno beats. in fact she uses the violin in most of her live dj shows and productions to create different emotions. ranging from natural organic violin sounds , synth riffs, bass riffs and acid noises like found on her ep DISTURBED-bouq.rec, julie's continuous evolution in sound will always surprise you.
she has come a long way since being resident at the historical club PETER PAN in riccione, Italy 12 years ago. 
Since then, she has played in Asia ,America, Brazil, and Europe in such clubs as COCOON- Frankfurt, AMNESIA, SPACE-Ibiza, KATERHOLZIG AND WEEKEND berlin, GOA-rome, EGG and SOSHO in the UK.
julie is also the creator of "SOL ASYLUM" a berlin based party that has been blessed with a long list of talented artists such as RYAN CROSSON, MISS JOOLS, and DANA RUH. 
julies productions LAST TANGO and ARAZMATAZ have been supported by djs such as, VILLALOBOS, LOCO DICE, LUCIANO, and TOBI NEUMANN. Her remix for BUTCH, "MASS APPEAL" came out on AREA REMOTE in 2010 and her ep INSTINCT was supported by a long array of djs such as CLIVE HENRY,RALF,AND ENZO SIRAGUSA. 
JULIE spreads her time as a performer and producer seeking to break the cliche's in the modern electronic music scene while keeping true to her soul.

Artist: Julie Marghilano 
Tittle: Background Techno Experience Podcast #247 
Rls date: 08-02-2012
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Source: WEB
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