Fabio Scalabroni - Atmosphere - (Proton Radio) (06-02-2012)

Biography of Fabio Scalabroni:
Fabio Scalabroni is an electronic musician and dj who performed under several names - such as Scalabroni, Cogor, Hologram, Ambit 3, Bit Bucket - both on his own tracks and several remixes rather than other artists works. In 1997, together with Andrea Angelini and Davide D?Onofrio created a small and independent label named Syncretic that produced and released two records W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. EP? and Antiorario. Under Cogor name, he produced three tracks released by Syncretic Records. In 1998 took part in the production of a compilation released by the magazine Time Out among other artists such as Marco Passarani, Lory D. and other artists from the Italian electronic scene. In 2001, he worked with the memorable Italian rap band Assalti Frontali in order to produce the remix album (BMG Records) 12 remix da un altro mondo. Scalabroni played with Angelini, D'Onofrio and Micheli on one track, while remixed two tracks under the name Cogor. Between 2003 and 2005 performed under the name Hologram and worked on several compilations: Broken Pots Hill Vol.1 and Broken Pots Hill Vol.2 Label: Minimalrome - Spacelab Compilation Label: R.O.R. - AutoCD Compilation Netlabel: Wavengine. In 2003, the project Ambit3 started and Scalabroni together with his partners of Syncretic Records produced one track for the compilation Mission Three: Establishing Electronix Network released by Nature Records. In the same year, Nature Records produced Ambit3s first album "Enwrapped" NAT2122. In the last few years, he played as dj and performed live dj sets in various clubs and Festivals like Arezzo Wave, Distorsonie Festival, Transcodex Festival, Warp Magic Bus Tour, M.I.T. (Auditorium roma), l-ektrica (Akab Club), Electroma Festival, Blueroom (RialtoSantambrogio Club) Enzimi 2006 (Termini-Roma), Rashomon Club, Metaverso Club In 2007, another Ambit3s work was released "Five Tales" EP Label Nature Records Distribution: Clone Distribution. In the same year, he performed as resident dj with artists like: Legowelt, Abe Duque, I-F, Passarani and more...
Now is working with many labels like Permanent Damage Records (Bermuda), Eyepatch Recordings/Banshee worx (Be), Tulipa Recordings (U.S.A.), Load and Clear (Be), Deepindub (Ita), ZeECc (Fra), MMM (Hun), Kosmo netlabel (Fra), Discovery Records (Australia)...

Artist: Fabio Scalabroni 
Tittle: Atmosphere - (Proton Radio) 
Rls date: 06-02-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. Fabio Scalabroni - Take It Deep
02. Ocralab - Levitation
03. Fabio Scalabroni - Asymmetric (Fingers In The Noise Remix)
04. Kogyo - Always Here
05. Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structure 3
06. Martin Nonstatic - Dub Asana (Urenga Remix)
07. Federsen - Fragile Systems
08. Organon - Mental State (Zzzzra Remix)
09. Fingers In The Noise - Zen Altitude
10. Deadbeat - Second Quarter
11. Hallucinator - Sethos


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