Alejandro Trebor - Freitag Podcast # 059 - (11-02-2012)

Something about Alejandro Trebor:
Alejandro Trebor was born in 1987, he discovered electronic music 5 years ago. After playing on events with Dustin Zahn, Secret Cinema, Alex Bau, Psyk, D.Carbone, Citizen Kain, Hans Bouffmyhre, and many more, he embarked on creating his own label, Tanz Factory Records, with his friends Plankton, Ben Koechlin, Jull’ and Mada.
Many maxis are planned for the year 2011 on Naked Lunch, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Hidden Recordings, Prosthetic Pressing but the largest project remains Tanz Factory Records. The label started releasing this year, with massive projects including also remixes by Perc, Dustin Zahn and more. 

A.Trebor is supported by: Chris Liebing, Perc, Audio Injection, Dustin Zahn, Pfirter, A.Mochi, Alan Fitzpatrick, Sasha Carassi, Joseph Capriati, A.Paul, Par Grindvik, Erphun, Steve Parker, BCR Boys, A-Brother, Tex-Rec …

Artist: Alejandro Trebor 
Tittle: Freitag Podcast #059 
Rls date: 11-02-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


1. Caspian - Ate Amanha - Audio Injection remix - Freitag Limited
2. Mario Zar - Nephilim - Audio Injection remix - Brood Audio
3. Electrorites - Glasgow Smile - Cortechs remix - Freitag Limited
4. Timmo - Olive - Perc remix - Brood Audio
5. Pascal Mollin - Elephant - Dustin Zahn remix - Touched
6. Bcr Boys - Candy girl - Floom remix - Prosthetic pressings
7. 3phazegenerator - Black Lilac - Audio Injection remix - Freitag Limited
8. Hans Bouffmyhre - Demon within - Pfirter remix - Perc Trax
9. Chris Liebing - Auf und ab - Edit Select OCD Remixes Part 1- Clr
10. Bcr Boys - Industrial - Nachtstrom Schallplatten
11. The Nighttripper - Tone explotation - Planetary Assault Systems remix - Underground Liberation
12. Perc & Metalogic - Tower - Perc's Tower of power mix - Sleaze
13. Raffaele Attanasio - From shade to stardom - Psyk edit - Non Series
14. A.Trebor - Omerta - Unreleased 

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