Markantonio - Live @ Play X Mas - Golden Gate - Napoli, Italy (25.12.2011)

Something about Markantonio:
Markantonio.His name is inseparable from the Neapolitan techno style, of which Markantonio is one of the founders, to whom He gave something new and a personal touch, who made him famous to the electronic music worldwide scene and brought him to play everywhere around the globe. Markantonio created a unique techno sound, associated with an incredible mixing skill, in particular playing on three turntables: groovy vibe, subtle melodic elements and funky bass lines. After years of successes, releasing on renowned labels like, Recycled Loops , Shake rec, Tortured, Conform, Superbra and played with all the best techno wizards of the world, Markantonio has had an artistic evolution in the last years, in particular as a producer, in fact he is always looking for brand new sounds; On 2001 Markantonio created his first label AnalyticTrail, started with a lot of house influences in terms of choosing vocal samples, but already with a personal techno style; his sound has been a first stone to build the Neapolitan techno sound, of which Markantonio represents a Godfather. Nowadays Analytic trail arrived to the 12th release with a sound style more mature; Achieving a great success, Markantonio had the pleasure to host on his label artists like Rino Cerrone, Valentino Kanzyani, The Advent, Danilo Vigorito, Ignition Technician, Davide Squillace, Paco Osuna and many other. Groovy tracks engineered for the dancefloor! On 2005 Markantonio started with a new project, the MKT label: MKT represents the wish to express himself connecting some old music influences to the news, from techno to minimal-house, acid and new electro-funk, just to say a few, reading everything from a new point of view. He is trying to give a shake to the music market with the possibility to listen really something new. Markantonios tracks appear even on the great compilations like I Techno 3 - Dance Club , Essential Underground Vol. 09, U60311 Compilation Techno Division Vol. 5, Amnesia Ibiza Sessions Vol 8, United DJs Vol.3 and many others. Recently Markantonio has been a lot in the studio working on new tracks and new remixes to be released nextly, and He has been on travel during the weekend for gigs around Europe. Markantonio is able to satisfy every kind of clubbers: His great capacity is to observe and catch the music tastes, adapting his sound to the crowds feedback. All his performances are amazing! During his set, Markantonio likes to change the waves of the sound, going from funky techno, to minimal, to the hard style again. Actually Markantonio, showing his eclectic skill again, brilliantly is also playing minimal tech-house, as the new European music scene it s requiring. Thanks to his ability, good creativity and uncompromising production style, Markantonio has drawn on himself the attention of the best djs of the world, and he has become one of technos leading figures.

Artist: Markantonio
Tittle: Live @ Play X Mas - Golden Gate - Napoli, Italy
Rls date: 25.12.2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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Markantonio Live @ Play X MAss Goldengate 25-12-2011 by Markantonio


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