Kevin Saunderson - 6 Mix (BBC 6 Music) - (15-01-2012)

Something about Kevin Saunderson:
Detroit techno don, Kevin Saunderson takes over the 6 Mix for two hours of musical inspirations and current club favourites. Alongside Juan Atkins and Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson is widely regarded as one of the originators of Detroit techno. The trio, known as The Belleville Three, met in high school and quickly developed a love for electronic music, which developed in to making their own productions. In 1987, Saunderson ended up "accidently collaborating" with Paris Grey and, in turn, the group Inner City was born, creating worldwide hits such as Big Fun and Good Life.
Alongside running his label KMS, Saunderson is still very active on the DJ circuit and with productions; during this programme you can hear the new Inner City track Future, alongside tracks that have influenced him musically and some of his current dancefloor favourites.

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