Hugo Paixao - Mastertraxx Underground Techno Podcast #085 - (20-01-2012)

Something about Hugo Paixao:
Hugo Paixao was born in Lisbon in 1981 and moved to London at the age of 5. He was always into music from a young age and was heavily influenced by his grandfather who played the accordion for a local band in Madeira. Coming from a musically inclined family in the performance sector also instilled the importance of music as a creative outlet and a higher state of communication. As soon as he was old enough, he began buying all the old classics and started mixing house, house & garage, jungle and techno. At the age of sixteen he did two weeks work experience with Cisco Ferreira (the advent) and realised what he wanted to achieve in life, which led him to study sound engineering and music technology at City of Westminster College, Paddington, making him proficient in music programmes such as fruity loops, cu-base, ableton live and logic. After leaving college Hugo has juggled making music with a full time job to make ends meet, whilst dedicating his spare time to his passion music. At the moment Hugo is working on techno and minimal techno. His Techno is described as Dark, Hypnotic with a strong kick and bass. It will blow your socks off! Hugo has recently formed a joint label with The Advent and Jason Fernandes called Skyline Type Grooves. Hugo has also worked with labels such as Kombination Research, Impact Mechanics, Naked Lunch, Slap Jaxx, Phobiq, Ketra Recordings, Fourth Kind, Gynoid Audio, Packed Music, Freedom recordings, Nutempo, Bulldozer and many more which will be available in the next couple of months.. So watch this space!!! Add me on Facebook or twitter/hugo_paixao for futher information on releases And DJ Gigs.

Artist: Hugo Paixao
Tittle: Mastertraxx Underground Techno Podcast #085
Rls date: 20-01-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


1: Briser - Mike Dehnert - Clone Basement Series
2:Krytpon-085 - Flawer & Nick Borsato - Hans Boffmyhre Remix - Reloading Records
3:Toggle - Audio Injection - Par Grindvik Remix - Sleaze Records
4:Temperance - Slam - Drumcode
5:End of The World - Hugo Paixao - Promo
6:Black Cherry - Kereni - Mas Teveeh Remix - Shout Records
7:Awakened - Hugo Paixao - Shin Nishimura Remix - Skyline Type Grooves
8:Revenge - Hugo Paixao - Promo
9:Scarlot Carson - Gymmy J - Jason Fernandes Remix - Italo Business
10:Wrong Step Death - Abi Bah - Kombination Research
11:No Beginning - Virgil Enzinger - I.CNTRL
12 The Scorpio - Joey Beltram - Drumcode
13:Dark Deeds - Hugo Paixao - Frenkie V Remix - Skyline Type Grooves
14:yellow fish - The Advent, Industrialyzer - Codeworks
15:Red House - The Advent, Industrialyzer - Advanced Intelligence
16:Mental Station - Yari Greco - A.Paul Remix - Naked Lunch
17:MoleKula - Spiriakos & Steen - Naked Lunch
18:Lost & Found - Spiros Kaloumenos - Impact Mechanics

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Hugo Paixao dark hypnotic techno will blow your socks off in the latest Mastertaxx Techno Podcast by mastertraxxrecords

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