Billy Nasty - Deep & Dubby Techno DJ-Mix - January 2012

Something about Billy Nasty:
In May 2000, Tortured released The Torture Chamber, Billy’s third mix CD, which showcased the label’s high-quality output. It was the first instalment in a series of Torture Chamber mixes and, two years later, the second volume followed: Slovenian DJ Umek contributed a three turntable mix-up of incredible intensity that perfectly demonstrated his jaw-dropping deck skills. 

Umek also had the honour of launching Tortured’s sister label, Electrix. Electrix was established with the proviso of pushing boundaries and putting out “experimental electronica – encompassing everything from Maurizio-style dubby tracks through to straight-up, dancefloor-oriented 808 workouts”. The label quickly proved popular and is now regarded as one of the UK’s finest for dancefloor electro with support consistently forthcoming from Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall and Freddie Fresh. Electrix was also a more natural home for album projects than Tortured and long-players from both Transparent Sound and The Advent now reside amidst a back-catalogue approaching 20 single releases in length. 

In order to demonstrate his long-standing involvement with electro, Billy compiled his favourite electro tracks for his fifth mix CD, BN02, which was released on the label in 2002; the first volume, BN01, which concentrated on techno, preceeded it. 

The third of Billy’s labels, Painkillers, was established in 2002 – it acts as an outlet for remixes of tracks previously released on Tortured. The first release featured a Ben Sims remix of Ben Long’s Imperial Leather, as well as two Oliver Ho re-works of Umek tracks (recorded under his Mumps guise). Billy is currently working on releases two and three. 

Four years after Billy’s first successful tour of the States, his deck skills took him even further afield: he has made several visits to Brazil and Columbia, both of whom have burgeoning techno scenes that proved a real inspiration, as well as an Australian expedition that took in Singapore’s world-renowned Zouk club on the way. 

2003 saw Billy look to establish Tortured as more than just a label with parties held under the Tortured banner worldwide: the first took place at the Miami WMC, followed by a session at New York’s Arc. The label also hosted tents at the Impulse and Dance Valley festivals in Holland. 

Now in 2004, with Tortured and Electrix both well established, and after nearly fourteen years as a professional DJ, Billy can boast a diary busier than ever before. He continues to turn his back on the cash-lined path, preferring instead to play for appreciative, knowledgable crowds worldwide.

Artist: Billy Nasty 
Tittle: Deep & Dubby Techno DJ-Mix - January 2012
Rls date: January 2012
Type: Dj Set
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB


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