ROD AKA Benny Rodrigues - Balans Podcast #006 - ROD 'Tears Of A Lonely Planet' Mix (25-10-2011)

Something about ROD:
Rod is the new techno alter ego of a popular Dutch DJ's Benny Rodrigues.
Where the 29 year old born and raised in Rotterdam normally look up the width of its quirky mix of house and techno, ROD is especially deep.

FIDE was created by Benny after he was during his (still lasting) sabbaticalrealized he was not always purist and extreme rotation.

But what do you want? Benny Rodrigues was the only DJ on the planet,both on and Awakenings in Latin Village can run - and still get away too!?This is not surprising when you consider that Benny since his early days in the 90 years has lost his heart to house and techno in the broadest sense.

FIDE is Benny's passport for pure abstract minimal techno as we know from the sets of productions and techno deities like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood& Luke Slater, but also of the now infamous Berghain residentMarcel-Detmann and Ben Klock. Ben Klock's also one that Rod's debut release Malmok early this year on his famous Klockworks label hasreleased.

Besides the many upcoming productions ROD, ROD shows are mainly as a DJ. And with his well-received debut gig at Lowlands Festival 2011techno fans already know, most of which is capable of FIDE.

Artist: ROD AKA Benny Rodrigues 
Tittlte: Balans Podcast #006 - ROD 'Tears Of A Lonely Planet' Mix 
Rls datE: 25-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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Balans Podcast 006 - ROD 'Tears Of A Lonely Planet' Mix by Rod Malmok

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