Reboot - YOUFM Clubnight - (05-11-2011)

Something about Reboot:
Reboot, aka Frank Heinrich, the 30-year-old Frankfurt musician, started releasing tracks for and i220 with his former partner Delle in the duo Delle-Heinrich. Launched only a year ago, Frank's Reboot project is so far responsible for the well-received "Charlotte" for Frankfurt's Below label as well as recent remixes for Greek duo Lemos & Kreon, on Be-Chosen and Below. His productions are dedicated to grooves both darkly emphatic and dazzlingly polyrhythmic. Where "Charlotte" was suffused with sweetness and light and tentative time-keeping, Reboot's debut EP for Cadenza Records was released in January 2008 and is considerably darker. A Remix work for Wareika on Connaisseur Recordings followed in February. Up next will be Remixes for Matthias Tanzmann , Guy Gerber and many others. The next Reboot EP is to be expected in summer 2008. Besides that, he started two new Projects. “Sweet Spot” is a project with Vera, the well known Frankfurt Djane. “Lakeof” is a project with DJ Meat, the owner of the Freebase Recordshop. First EP`s and remix works will be released in summer on labels like Cadenza Records or Klang Recordings. 

Frank's most convincing arguments are his stunning live performances and his DJ-sets. His live sets can be described as sexy and pumping. His DJ sets incorporate the whole spectrum from deep minimal sounds to driving electronic-tech vibes and oldshool House. For the last years Frank has been a regular feature on the electronic dance music scene in Europe playing at clubs such as Cocoon Club, Panoramabar, Club 11, Sueno, Spartacus and many more. Look and see him playing in a venue near you! … All Systems down!

Artist: Reboot 
Tittle: YOUFM Clubnight 
Rls date: 05-11-2011
Genre: Minimal Tech
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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