Kid Mistik vs Exhaust - WAST Podcast #02 - We All Speak Techno - Freitag Recordings - (25-11-2011)

Something about Kid Mistik & Exhaust:
The Icelander Bjarki Runar or Kid Mistik has amassed healthy reputation as an innovative producer over the past years with his inimitable strain of ghostly Techno that forever shifts in mood, tempo and style through various forms. Often dark and always atmospheric. and Exhaus who was born in germany in 1990 and start producing music in 2008. As Dj he start playing one year later in clubs like Fillmore, Cave Club, Studio 111, Kufa, Kontrastbühne and a lot of Open Air Partys. In 2011 he released his first Ep´s and Remixes on Lables like Sound of Techno and Tekx Records. His style can be discribed as a dark and abrassive Sound with pounding basses and dynamic percussions. He made two remixes for Paul D. Lewis and gets remixed by Hefty, Aftermath, Wimmix, Audio Distraction and Paul D. Lewis. In addition he worked together with Jaco de Rango and Benny Reckless

Artist: Kid Mistik vs Exhaust 
Tittle:  WAST Podcast #02 - We All Speak Techno - Freitag Recordings
Rls date: 25-11-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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