Dr Hoffmann & Gabeen - Blind Spot Radio Show #129 (28-11-2011)

Something about Gabeen:
GabeeN [Gábor Bacsárdi] was born in 13.7.1988 in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. Began to influence his brother to listen the techno music.He made music since the age of 15 years. The mixing and the music making began at the same time.The first release was in 2005 (Survivalrecords netlabel). His music was at the following labels:Blind Spot Music(UK),Naked Lunch(POR);Gobsmacked(DE);Hybrid Confusion(AUT ...);Heaven to Hell(DE), Ketra(ITA);AudioExit(Hun); Minimalart(Hun); Resolution Music(Hun);Deafness(Hun); Reiz Musik(ITA); Wavelike(DE); Zimmer(DE); ArmaturaBonus(SRB);Plastiq(DE);Kamikaze(ALB); We Call it Hard(DE),Voices of Lilith (DE),Maaad(RO) Dave Clarke played GabeeN tracks@White Noise Show! He uses these softwares for music writing: Fruity Loops, Ableton Live. The style of this set is techno!

Artist: Dr Hoffmann & Gabeen
Tittle: Blind Spot Radio Show #129
Rls date: 28-11-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


01, GabeeN – Insanity
02, GabeeN – Dark Star
03, Xhin – You against yourself
04, Planetary Assault Systems – Cold boaster
05, Philipp Kipphan – LofiTech
06, Rory St. John – Sadbat
07, GabeeN & Tosi – Joovuh
08, GabeeN – Dark Nuances
09, Hans Bouffmyhre – Demon Within
10, Desonanz – Zeitverzoegerung
11, GabeeN – Chaos Theory
12, Bas Mooy – Betamax
13, A-Brothers – Basement Rocker (Dave The Drummer remix)
14, GabeeN – Lucifer
15, GabeeN & Tosi feat Gracie – Machine City
16, Hackler & Kuch – Duck & Cover
17, Luke Creed – The Theme (Space Djz remix)
18, Advenced Human – Interplanetary Assaults (Warehouse mix)
19, Reeko – Thick Matter
20, Ade Fenton – Alien Water (Advenced Human remix)

Download MP3 (89:11min, 164MB)

Dr Hoffmann & Gabeen - Blind Spot Radio Show 129 [2011-11-28] by D2Techno

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