Dadub - Biomechanics Podcast #11 - November 2011

Something about Dadub:
Dadub is a meeting of two minds, Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, a duo whose output is underpinned by a mutual curiosity. The result? Startling electronic music productions, one of the best live acts in the scene and the innovative Artefacts Mastering studio.
The collaboration started not in their native Italy, but in Berlin. Daniele arrived in Berlin with the kernel of Dadub, a project he'd begun in 2008 with a release on the label A Quite Bump. Daniele came via Rome where he'd plunged himself into production, studying sound design under Enrico Cosimi. Giovanni had been drawn to Berlin to work on interactive digital arts projects, honing his knowledge of hardware and software. Once they met it was only a matter of time before Dadub became a two-man project.
Twinned by a fascination of process, and a love of Lee Scratch Perry's mix board experiments, they take dub and push it into the deepest corners of techno and out to the ambient fringes. Frustrated by identikit sounds in electronic music they set about pouring their technical knowledge together in search of innovation.
They describe their approach in the studio as 'like making scent'. Dadub take sound and process it to extract depth and expose human warmth. With this studio outlook it was natural for Dadub to move into mastering. They delved in and Artefacts Mastering emerged: mastering that involves no presets and a policy of adjusting every track entirely from scratch. It's exactly this type of discipline, their use of open strategies instead of formulas that also makes Dadub so dynamic live. Live they layer dubbing and synthesis, they take Dadub material and deconstruct or reconstruct it spontaneously. Their sets are seriously deep and have been showcased internationally at Barcelona's Sonar festival, Germany's Melt! festival and in clubs from Berlin to Moscow.

Artist: Dadub
Tittle:  Biomechanics Podcast #11 - November 2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set
Genre: Techno
Rls date: November 2011

01 Dadub - Biopoiesis SAM008
02 Surgeon - Transparent Radiation DTRLP2
03 Dadub - Metropolis SA009
04 Conrad Van Orton - After Smoke Ang#19
05 Repitch - Walker (Mike Parker Remix) REPITCH001
06 Surgeon - The power of doubt DTRLP2
07 Dadub - Amnion SAM008
08 Silent Servant - Untitled (Regis Edit) SDSMP2
09 Tommy 47 - G (Regis Remix) CLR046
10 Xhin - Hepta SA010
11 Go Hyiama - Waru SAM007
12 Conrad Van Orton - Hermit CRS//013
13 Shapednoise - Andromeda LABD091
14 Bauhaus - Mallet BHLTD 001
15 Phon.O - IL62 50WEAPONS#010
16 Mike Dehnert - Timber Framing DRH030
17 Lucy - Tetrad SAM010
18 Mike Denhert - Eigenbedarf Part 2 FW012-1
19 MD2 - B2 MD2.4
20 Blawan - Lavender RS 1102
21 Xhin - Vent (Pfirter) SA011
22 Tommy Four Seven - Primate CLRCD010
23 Perc - Wooden Art (Modern Heads Jumplex Remix) SADIG006
24 Cyclo - id#01 r-n 127
25 Chevel - Portego SAM001
26 Len Faki - My Black Sheep (L.B. Dub Corp Remix) FIGURE7
27 Reynold - Over There (Donato Dozzy Mix) PRS023
28 Surgeon - Radiance DTRLP2
29 Dadub - Ilya SAM008
30 Xhin - Foreshadowed - (Dadub Remix) SA011
31 Alva Noto - Uni C rn133
32 Alva Noto - Uni Syc rn133
33 Frank Bretschneider - Echotron STRIKE124
34 Anstam - Albert 50WEAPONS010
35 Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Scuba's High Up Mix) RABID040CDP
36 Dadub - ∆ [mime05]


Biomechanics Podcast #11 by Dadub

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