Ahmet Sendil - Live @ New Miami-Paszto Bosphorus Underground Party (19-11-2011)

Something about Ahmet Sendil:
Ahmet Sendil was born in Antalya in 1973. He started his carreer in the music business in 1989, djing at Studio 54, the first mayor club in Turkey. After that, he started performing on almost every major turkish clubs and incresead his number of productions. In 2007, Ahmet formed his record labels M-Vitamine and Bosphorus Underground Recordings which are today very recognized in the music business and counts with the support of Mario Miranda , PRT Stacho, Federico Milani, Andrea Roma, Koen Groeneveld , Glitter and many others.

After producing several tracks and remixes that reached highest positions on Beatport’s Top 100 Charts Ahmet was awarded the 3rd place as Best Minimal Artist on 2008. And started traveling and playing his music on different countries such as Germany, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, India, Brazil, France,Italy and more.

After being recognized as one of the best minimal producers in 2009 Beatport Awards, Ahmet continues releasing tracks and also focusing on nurturing other promising Artists on his label

Artist: Ahmet Sendil 
Tittle: Live @ New Miami-Paszto Bosphorus Underground Party
Rls date: 19-11-2011
Genre: Minimal, Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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