Various Artist Live @ Boiler Room #003 - Berlin - (26-10-2011)

“What’s that you’ve got there Boiler Room? Looks like some kind of satchel? Is there something in it? What are you doing? Oh! You’ve only gone and pulled it out the fucking bag!”

That’s right people, it’s time for the third instalment of Boiler Room Berlin – once again coming to you from underneath a swimming pool like it’s nothing. This time we’ve got New York house legend Levon Vincent coming down to show us what’s up. Be warned, he’s one of our favourite producers ever and he brings the god damn heat to a dance.

We’ve also got the genius that is Efdemin passing through, who is often heralded as one of Berlin’s finest. Ohhhh loorrda meerrrrcy!

Professor Roman Flügel has also been persuaded to bring down some records. He’s been working hard since the early nineties to creat the music you need to have a good time, and even though he keeps finding the answers he doesn’t seem to be able to stop himself. Thankfully

Fresh off the back of an astound LP, Cosmin TRG will be there the make you feel all sweaty and comfortable. Expect big, scary, whoosh synths and smiles on everyones little faces because he’s one hell of a guy!

To round of this assquake of a line-up , 2562/ sometimes known as A Made Up Sound will be kicking it all off with one of his formidable techno workouts. He always disappears for a little while and then resurfaces with a big bag of belters. Let’s see what it do!

Artist: Various Artist
Tittle: Live @ Boiler Room #003 - Berlin 
Rls date: 26-10-2011
Genre: Minimal, Techno, Tech House
Source: WEB
Type: Live sets


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