Umek - Behind The Iron Curtain 016 (Proton Radio) (24-10-2011)

Something about Umek:
Germany was also the place where Umek got in touch with the rave scene. “It was an amazing experience, when I attended my first Technomania party with 15.000 revelers on seven floors placed in a hangar on the outskirts of Munich. And when I’ve entered twice as bigger Mayday arena for the first time I knew I want to be in that deejay booth one day. Few years later I was. Although I’ve thought to myself what the heck am I doing at that commercial masquerade in the backstage, I’ve changed my mind when I’ve finally stepped into the deejay booth. I’ve seen all those kids waving hands and shouting to me as being their god, and I’m sure some of them thought just the same as I did years before them. So, I’ve just smiled and performed one of the best sets of my career that can still be found on the internet." 

Totally hooked on exploding ravemania, Umek and his peers started organizing bus transfers to rave parties in Germany. They were enyoing themselves and they were learning along the way. So it was just a matter of time when they decided to start putting up their own events. “The first one was total disaster,” remembers Umek. “We’ve leased the local fireman’s hall for the night but only managed to attract a hundred revelers. We were so broke, we couldn’t even afford cleaning lady the morning after.” But they could not be stopped by that debacle. They worked their way from event to event, got in charge of small club in the outskirts of Ljubljana and gradually became one of the leading promoters in the country. 

"I still remember the illegal rave party we’ve organized in the countryside outside Ljubljana. It attracted surprisingly big mass of people and one of the main national newspapers reported of the incident, since we were dispersed by the police. And there was the local politician, real smart guy that made us all laugh: he stated that the cows in the nearby village stopped lactating (i.e. giving milk) because of the stress induced by loud techno music. … No, I’m not kidding. This really was in the papers and can still be found in the archives.”

Artist: Umek 
Tittle: Behind The Iron Curtain 016 (Proton Radio) 
Rls date: 24-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


01. Jay Lumen - Faceball [Great Stuff]
02. Nicole Maudaber - Break It [Kling Klong]
03. Audiocactus - If I Die Tomorrow [Soundcloud]
04. Phunk Investigation - Vmx [Incorrect]
05. Billy Johnston - Hello South America [Smut Music]
06. Koen Groeneveld & Addy Van Der Zwan - Retromatic [Abzolut]
07. Heiko Laux & Steve Rashmad - The Viking [Soma]
08. Dj Tonio - Playmobil [1605]
09. Spartaque - Global Access [Definitive]
10. F.sonik & Andrew Technique - Unclear Speech [Great Stuff]
11. Constantin Yoodza - What Are You Waiting For [Definitive]
12. Ben Sims - I Wanna Go Back Feat. Blake Baxter [Drumcode]
13. Cj Bolland - Spring Yard [R & S]

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