Sven Vaeth & Onur Ozer -@ Cocoon ADE Special (Amsterdam)(23-10-2011)

Something about Sven Vaeth:
in 1989 Acid loses popularity. House style vocals still have a chance on the dancefloor. Release of the second OFF album, "Ask Yourself", produced by Matthias Hoffmann (now Eye Q). Single "Move Your Body". The B-side, "Das Licht", is the first tranquil club hit. Sven splits with his former producers Münzing / Anzilotti and continues working on his project Mosaic with producers Matthias Hoffmann and Steffen Britzke. Result: "It Is Serious" (later to be covered by Enigma "Sadeness"), the first track with a choir. Mosaic remixes such classics as "Déja Vu" by Spliff and "Oxygène" by Jean Michel Jarre and creates the basis for further assignments.

Mosaic's followup single "Dance Now" becomes very successful and enters the charts. Sven's turntable style becomes harder, the nights longer. This summer techno breaks out in Germany. Sven is again one of the first to accept, adapt and play this music. The Omen club becomes an international meeting place for club culture

Together with publisher / manager Heinz Roth and producer Matthias Hoffmann, Sven founds the Eye Q label. First hit is Zyon's "No Fate". Sven shifts his set to "hypnotic, monotone house music", later to be called trancehouse, and through his work supports many productions in the Frankfurt area: the "Sound of Frankfurt" takes on a new dimension. His commitment to the technohouse scene also influences the repertoire at Eye Q, for which he produces many remixes.

Sven ("The Godfather of Techno") deejays in leading clubs around the world. He establishes the DJ label Harthouse and released the Album "The Art of Dance" under the pseudonym Barbarella. In the middle of the year he meets Ralf Hildenbeutel and begins production of his first album in his own name: "Accident In Paradise"

Artist: Sven Vaeth & Onur Ozer 
Tittle: @ Cocoon ADE Special (Amsterdam)
Rls date: 23-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: SET


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Sven Vaeth

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Onur Ozer

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