Speedy J & Dr Hoffmann @ Blind Spot Radio Show # 122 - (08-10-2011)

Something about Speedy J:
After fifteen years of techno Speedy J now has come full circle. But what a wide circle it was, and how fickle the trodden path. Over the years he has collaborated with video-artists, filmmakers and advertisers, made the pioneering DVD Umfeld, an audio-visual, electronic trip, which sets the standard for many composers who want to compose for six speakers in the coming years – remarkably made available as a free download on the internet.

But not only that, Speedy J has continuously been pushing the boundaries of electronic & experimental dance music. Blurring the lines between Live performance and Digital Djing, he fuses subversive electronics and peak time Techno. Together with his partner in crime Chris Liebing he started using Traktor and other Software technology on 4 laptops with hardware such as Machine Drum and 303’s to create a fully integrated set. Again he is spearheading a way of DJing that is picked up by a lot of other forward thinking electronic artists.

Logically, the releases on his label Electric Deluxe all feature tool versions, introducing the concept of creating unique live sets from parts as a natural evolution of Djing. Not only setting the bar for peak hour Techno madness, Electric Deluxe becomes the platform for his Collabs series that started on Novamute, as well as releases by open minded artists like Chris Liebing, George Issakidis, Tommy Four Seven and Terrence Fixmer to showcase the value of creative synergy using newest technology.

Artist: Speedy J & Dr Hoffmann 
Tittle: @ Blind Spot Radio Show # 122 
Rls date: 08-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: SET


01, Psyk – Repeat - Lineal
02, Kalden Bess Aka M0h – Death Squad (Drumcell Remix) - Blind Spot Music
03, Delko – Lost Bullet (Heron’s Gimme A Bullet Rework) - Blind Spot Music
04, Space Djz – Polymath (Justin Berkovi Remix) - Sick Wierd Rough
05, Ben Mill – Hour 25 (Tex Rec Remix) - Gynoid Audio
06, Audio Injection – I’ve Fallen - Droid
07, Mada & Plankton – Il Buono (Peja Remix) - Vokodek Music
08, Traversable Wormhole – Transducer (Brian Sanhaji Remix) - CLR
09, Alan Fitzpatrick – Straw Hats (Dustin Zahn Warehouse Dub) - 8 Sided Dice
10, Chris Liebing – Dandu Groove - Audio Records
11, Tony Thomas – Beginnings (Gary Beck Remix) - Soma
12, Xhin – Blade Moth (Tool)
13, Attemporal & D. Carbone – Att1 - Att
14, Flug – 13d (Pfirter Remix) - Driving Forces Recordings
15, Mark Broom & James Ruskin – The Metal Man - Blueprint
16, Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspensions - Ostgut Ton
17, Mada – Mouvan - Hybrid Confusion
18, Eigenes Rezept – Numb (Brian Burger Remix) - Blind Spot Music
19, Dax J & Chris Stanford – Programm (Shifted Remix) - Ear To Ground

Speedy J @ Blind Spot - 8th October 2011 7.45pm

Live set

DIRECT LINK (Guardar Como...)

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