Joseph Capriati - CLR Podcast # 140 (31-10-2011)

It is the 31st of October and CLR welcomes Joseph Capriati back on the CLR Podcast. The career of the young Neapolitan dj/producer who started to dj at the tender age of 11 has been moving forward at an unrelenting pace since he made his production debut in 2007 and he has often been considered one of the brightest new stars in techno. Since the release of his remixes of Adam Beyer's seminal 'Remainings III' in 2010, his fans have been spoilt with a steady flow of landmark productions including the release of his debut album 'Save My Soul' on home town label Analytic Trail; his chart topping remix of Joey Beltram's 'Slice' reissue; the marathon seven-track 'Gashouder' EP for Drumcode; and a debut on Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 label via Joseph's 'Wope' collaboration with Paco Osuna. Following his first high profile gig at Naples's infamous 5000 capacity Golden Gate venue in October 2007, Joseph has not looked back; spreading his wings and travelling all over the globe. The versatility and insightfulness that characterizes his dj sets enables him to connect with crowds across Europe, South America, Asia, North America and South Africa. Today, at the age of 23 he maintains a close relationship to some of the most important techno labels such as CLR and Drumcode and can be heard on several of those label´s events in the near future. For more information on Joseph Capriati, please check out: - - -!/josephcapriati - or read his full bio on:

Artist: Joseph Capriati 
Tittle: CLR Podcast # 140 
Rls date: 31-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1) Nihad Tule & Bauri - "Metal"
2) Matador - "Easa" (M.I.D.I. remix)
3) Leghau - "Toy 1"
4) D-Nox & Beckers - "Sunner" (Dustin Zahn stockton dub)
5) Roman Gertz - "Big Hook"
6) Flex SK - "Funicolar Conception" (Logotech remix)
7) Roberto Capuano - "Invaders Are Back" (Alan Fitzpatrick remix)
8) Planetary Assault Systems - "Cold Bolster"
9) Emptyset - "Archivi" (Monoloc remix)
10) Billy Johnston - "Haunting"
11) Matador - "Flux" (Bodyscrub pressure remix)
12) Xpansul & Alessio Mereu - "Track 3" (Sasha Carassi remix)
14) Rino Cerrone - "Decreasing Day"
15) Slam - "Chasing Shadows"
16) Kyle Geiger & Bobby Dowell - "Just A Mermory" (Jerome Sydenham remix)
17) Ben Sims feat. Blake Baxter - "I Wanna Go Back"
18) Patrick Bolton - "Malfunction"
19) Advanced Human - "Interplanetary Assaults" (Sci-Fi dub)
20) Jason Fernandes - "Upswing"
21) Roberto Capuano - "Oblivion"
22) Cari Lekebusch & Joseph Capriati - "Missed Flight"
23) Adam Beyer - "A Walking Contradiction" (Joseph Capriati remix.)

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