Detox1000 @ The Darker Side of Techno - Fnoob Radio - (11-10-2011)

Something about Detox1000:
Like many other Dj’s, I started playing and experimenting with music in my teenage years, most of my first records have been played on friend’s decks. Being born and living in London has spoiled me for choice, so many record shops and so many different scenes. 
First influences in my music journey and the first scene I adopted was Acid House in the 80’s illegal raves were the place to be, plus clubs like, Club Uk, Bagley’s and Camden Palace were supporting the music revolution that started back then. 
I started to get the taste of mixing playing on friend’s decks and at friends parties, beginning with house and garage, by the time I got my first set of decks in the 90’s the dance scene was dominated by Hard House, influenced by Dj’s like Tony de Vit and Pete Wardman. So I decided to play hard house. 
Playing regularly at friend’s parties and woods parties, this opened a few doors for me as I got the chance to play at Chunnel Club, Grays Inn Rd, Leisure Lounge, Bagleys 
My style then has changed, as I was more interested in mixing progressive house, tech house and minimal, I also added CDJ’s and a Pioneer EFX 500, which gave me more freedom and allowed me to experiment, I played @ Oh bar in Camden for a while, and now I play @ H bar in Brighton, this has given me the desire to change my style, to deep dark techno. With influences from Richie hawtin , Adam Beyer ,and Chris Liebing 
I have always, been attracted, by the harder side of dance music, this determined me to concentrate on playing and producing techno by this stage I changed vinyl for Traktor with control vinyl, and then went completely digital adding two X1 Kontrols to Traktor Pro. 
The digital set-up has given me the opportunity to be more creative, when I mix and when I’m producing; my latest project, a couple of deep dark techno tracks that reflect my style and my direction at the moment.

Artist: Detox1000 
Tittle: @ The Darker Side of Techno - Fnoob Radio 
Rls date: 11-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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