Brickman - Background Techno Experience Podcast #238 - (17-10-2011)

Brickman (real name Elizar Pirogov) was born in 1992 in St.Petersburg, Russia. Started to create music at the age of 15.
Trying with different genres Elizar decide to make dub techno, techno and ambient music.

Brickman already released on DeepInDub, SSI records, SSN, Pong Musiq, ACR, soWHYnot records, Liberty Rhythm, Deep-X-Records, Subwise Netlabel, Monography, LoadAndClear,Retrospective Zoology,LCR records. Now preparing releases and remixes for Entropy Records, ZeECc and SpacealOrbeats . Brickman worked with Koalips, Fingers in the Noise, Dublicator.

Artist: Brickman 
Tittle: Background Techno Experience Podcast #238 
Rls date: 17-10-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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