Agoria Live @ Nuits Sonores Festival (03-06-2011)

Something about Agoria:
Sebastien Devaud, aka Agoria, makes noisy electro-influenced techno as only the French can do.

Just out of his teens, Sebastien Devaud – not yet Agoria, but already a music lover – stamped his feet in front of the counter of a record shop specialized in electronic sounds (or house music as it was then known). He was waiting for improbable American or German vinyls that would shape a culture and a well-defined willpower to engage permanently in an eccentric/electric lifestyle…

A true education in parallel to the countryside family nest, where his fairly artistic parents (his father is the architect of the bubble-house on the cover of his debut album, and his mother teaches music) give him a taste for music and real life, where childhood friends are friends for life, and where his radio serves as a musical matrix…

When he discovers the first techno tracks and raves, it was a true electroshocks that will lead this young man to give life to what could have been a mere childhood dream, mark of the passionate worker with an insatiable curiosity and eternal smile.

2003, Barcelona, Sonar, 5AM - Agoria enjoys the communion with a raging audience of 10000 people… He’s come a long way: training on the machines, first records for small companion labels, learning the record industry too; a publisher, an agent, a manager, true commercial and an album “Blossom”, in 2004.

Critically acclaimed all over the world, “Blossom” is a milestone for the new dance scene mixing inventive melodies, groove and beats. Nothing to explain, just take note: a little something more, the sincere craving to try. And it works: a track with Tricky on the first album, a remix for Paul Kalkbrenner (Bpitch Control), or Inner City Detroit anthem “Big Fun”, consistent artwork (hello Kofea), cheeky 12’’, real underground hits heard on every single dance floor (La 11ème Marche, Sky Is Clear, Spinash Girl), a couple of plebiscite at the core of electronic music (Trax, Groove,Dj Mag...).

Carrying round flight case, headphones and Sunday t-shirts every weekend, Sebastien Devaud spread his Dj skills around the globe. Shifting from local basement to international clubs and festivals, from Brazil to Japan, Spain, Germany ... The list is too long! Probably because of his attention to emotion and details in his set, Agoria was elected two years in a row best DJ by the Trax magazine's readers poll.

2005, time to lay the staggering experience of his set down on a CD: Cute & Cult! Inside : 15 years knowledge, rare & beautiful things, from the Mulholland Drive soundtrack theme to a stunning piano reinterpretation of Derrick May's anthem... not to mention an exclusive new track Les Beaux Jours done especially for the project. A perfect hors d'oeuvre for his new album, “The Green Armchair”.

Artist: Agoria 
Tittle: Live @ Nuits Sonores Festival 
Rls date: 03-06-2011
Genre: Minimal, Tech House
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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