ROD (aka Benny Rodrigues) - CLR Podcast # 132 (05.09.2011)

It´s Monday the 5th of September and we are welcoming ROD on the CLR Podcast 132 - a seemingly new artist who has actually been on the podcast twice already under a different name. ROD is the new alter ego of Benny Rodrigues, which represents a purely Techno oriented dj and production-style. Known for his versatility, Benny has chosen this additional artist name to clearly define the more Techno oriented side of his musical identity. The set is a studio mix, which was especially done for this purpose and which contains two unreleased, upcoming ROD productions. In the beginning of the podcast, before the set even starts, Chris Liebing interviews ROD and gets some very interesting and insightful answers. Please enjoy this extended podcast by ROD (aka Benny Rodrigues).

For more information on ROD, please check out the following sites:,,,

Artist: ROD
Tittle: CLR Podcast 132
Rls date: 05.09.2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1: Emanuel Top- Addiction (Planet Rouge)
2: Area Forty One- Raindrop Prelude (Ann Aimee)
3: Sev Dah- Saint Of The Cave ‘Markus Suckut Remix’ (Gynoid Audio)
4: Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search- untitled (unknown)
5: Gregor Tresher- Though The Shadow Glass ‘Function Remix’ (Break New Soil)
6: Emptyset ft Cornelius Harris- Altogether Lost ‘Ben Klock Glow Clap Mix’ (CLR)
7: Marcel Dettmann- Rerun (MD)
8: Mike Dehnert- Briser (Clone)
9: Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search- untitled (unknown)
10: Damon Wild- Into Battle ‘Joey Beltram Remix’ (Synewave)
11: SW 37- SW37B (Synewave)
12: ROD- Mori One (Balans)
13: Shadow Moses- Mothballs (Lonesome Hero)
14: Robert Hood- Run (M-Plant)
15: Tommy Four Seven- Track 5 ‘Robert Hood Remix’ (CLR)
16: Phase-Further Trials (Token)
17: Sub Space- The Bi Machine (Labyrinth)
18: Planetary Assault Systems- Shaken (Mote Evolver)
19: ROD- Mori Three (Balans)
20: Staffan Linzatti- Assembler (Searchlights)
21: Staffan Linzatti- Deception (Searchlights)
22: Planetary Assault Systems- Raid (Mote Evolver)
23: Random XS- Give Your Body
24: Robert Hood- Master Builder (Tresor)
25: Function- Reykjavik (Sandwell District)
26: Jeff Mills- Dejohnette (Purpose Maker)
27: Jeff Mills- Ferrone ‘Unreleased Mix’ (Purpose Maker)
28: Jeff Mills- Zakir ‘Unreleased Mix’ (Purpose Maker)

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