Mark Broom - CLR Podcast # 135 (26-09-2011)

It is Monday the 26th of September and Mark Broom, one of the godfathers of UK Techno is back on the CLR Podcast. Mark has played at many of the world´s best clubs and has released music on numerous renowned labels. The widely travelled dj and truly prolific producer has remixed a variety of well-known artists and has played a significant part in shaping the UK electronic music scene since the early 90s. After all those years he is still busy on the road and active in the studio. One of his upcoming projects is the album “Light Box”, which he produced together with James Ruskin under the project name “The Fear Ratio”. It will be released on November 7th on the label Blueprint.

Artist: Mark Broom
Tittle: CLR Podcast 135
Rls date: 26-09-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

Traktor-Traktor V12-Traktor
Various Artists-8(AE mix)Fatcat
Traktor-Master Traktor Repaired-Traktor
Grain- Untitled-Fatcat
Makaton-Untitled-Rodz Konez
Unspecified Enemies-B1
O/V/R-Untitled-Sandwell District
Unspecified Enemies-B2
Skirt-Horizontol Ground
Female mix-RSB
Snd Snippet-SND
Makaton-Beauty Default-Rodz Konez
Cyrusl-Enforcerment-Basic Channel
Autechre-Anvil Vapre Loop-Warp
Sandwell District17
Unspecifed Enemies-A1
Eqd-Equalized 003-Dustin Zahn Remix
The Fear Ratio-Mas-Blueprint
Traktor-Traktor Mood-Traktor
Basic Channel Outro


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