Camea - Plasmodium Radio Podcast 099 (12-09-2011)

Biography of Camea:
Camea was born and raised in the Seattle music scene as a pianist and lover of all genres of music. In her youth she studied both classical and jazz theory as well as dance, and spent a lot of time playing in bands. She focused most of her energy on the piano and clarinet, but by the time she was eighteen she could also play five other instruments fluently. Camea was a shy child and the youngest of 8 cousins, and before she was even ten years old she was exposed to alternative music like Madonna, Souxsie and the Banshees and The Cure, although her own first musical love affairs were with Chopin and Miles Davis. Later in her teens she fell into the Seattle grunge and rock scenes, but her lifestyle quickly changed when she discovered house and techno in the late 90s at college. Falling instantly in love, she bought her first turntables in 1999. After spending a few years following house artists like Mark Farina and Derrick Carter, she stumbled across a new sound in the local record store and began to collect labels like Perlon, Playhouse and Minus. This eventually led her to the artistically thriving city of Brooklyn, NY, where she moved in 2002 with one record bag and a suitcase, immediately immersing herself in the city’s music scene. Brooklyn’s intense artistic environment became a magical time for her, as this is where she discovered a plethora of new music and met Tim Xavier, Ambivalent, Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr and spawned Clink Recordings, launching her career as an International DJ by 2005. Soon after her tour schedule became worldwide, and two years later she relocated to Berlin where she resides today.

Loving both the stage and the behind-the-scenes atmosphere, DJing has stayed the forefront of Camea's passion but she has also moved her interests into the studio. She released her first solo EP in 2006 and has achieved a discography of original work and/or remixes featured on labels like Clink, Bpitch Control, Minus, Soma, and Get Physical. In 2011 she became the first female producer to ever put music on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label, which featured her remix on Ambivalent’s “Jackson” EP. She also released her first compilation this year on her imprint titled, Clinkology, in which she spliced, edited and layered twenty tracks from the label’s discography and programmed a 73-minute artistic studio mix.

As a DJ, Camea’s house/techno hybrid sound has secured her a regular tour schedule around the world. She is a passionate performer and keeps her sound diverse and fresh, spending many hours in her studio preparing playlists and track edits for her sets. Her sound is best described as Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge meets Berlin chic, and she blends her more traditional musician roots with modern melodic concepts and groovy percussion. Her tracks have topped sales and DJ charts on many occasions, and she has shared stages with artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Magda, Ellen Allien and many others, and Camea’s consistently driving and groovy technique has put her center stage at some of the world’s hottest clubs and festivals like Amore, Fusion, Berghain, Space, Fuse, Club Der Visionaere and Watergate, and since her relocation to Berlin in 2007 she has become one of the handful of women from America to make it to the International stage for her genre.

Artist: Camea 
Tittle: Plasmodium Radio Podcast 099 
Rls date: 12-09-2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Minimal
Type: Set


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