Solomun - Live @ IN House.Club (Passo Fundo,Brazil) (05-08-2011)

Something about Solomun:
The word “industrious” is oft overused when it comes to describing artists in dance music and even when correctly used it’s rarely a sign of artistic quality. When it comes to Solomun however, it’s bang on the mark and has no negative implications for artistic quality. The Hamburg-based, Bosnian-born Croatian has played a major role in redefining European house music in recent years via productions, remixes and DJing which take the very building blocks of house and deftly reconstruct them with a decidedly modern twist.
This contribution to house is partly drawn from a hefty touring schedule gracing the worlds finest clubs alongside an impeccable string of tracks and remixes for the likes of Buzzin Fly, Freerange, Get Physical, Phil E, Mobilee, Dessous, Compost, Four:Twenty and his own Diynamic imprint but it doesn’t stop there….
Having started Diynamic just five years ago alongside long-term friend Adriano Trolio, Solomun has set about developing and nurturing his outlets for music as much as the music itself. Now, Diynamic enjoys the sort of reverence usually reserved for labels three times its age and has been instrumental in allowing some of the new talents in electronic music to shine. Stimming, HOSH, Ost & Kjex, Uner and Solomun himself are just a handful of the artists who have benefitted from their output being wrapped in the label’s
distinctive sleeves and the Diynamic appeal shows no sign of waning.

Artist: Solomun 
Tittle:  Live @ IN House.Club (Passo Fundo,Brazil)
Rls date: 05-08-2011
Genre: Minimal 
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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