Raul Mezcolanza - 1605 podcast (2011-08-08)

Born at the early 80’s and with more than 15 years djiing, Raul is currently one of the leading techno producers of the electronic scene. Since he began in 1995 he has highly developed his techno style, but also opened his mind to different music styles. These days, you can see how Raul releases a wide range of styles, going from hardgroove (his favourite) to minimal techno or tech house. This is why Raul has created different shows with different music styles that he adjusts to the venue that demands his services.

In 2009, due to his studio and dj skills, the club Florida 135 decided to count on Raul to be one of his dj's residents. This club is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Spain and Europe, and Raul has the privilege of playing every weekend with the best dj's of the world. Also in 2009, he won the Beatport Music Awards 2009 for Best Hard Techno Track

In the DJ booth Raul has showed his good dj skills with a very personal touch inspired in a sweet mixture between old school techno and the freshest electronic sounds. He has openly declares to be influenced by techno artists, such as Ben Sims, Joey Beltram, The Advent, Bryan Cox, Dj Sneak…he says he has taken a little bit of every of these big time artists to create his own style.

His techno-hardgroove productions contain a strong and very powerful sound with a classy touch of tribal elements, funky and disco. He started producing in 2005 and he’s currently editing his own record label Laktic-rec, with already 7 records released. Besides his label, he often releases on the best labels on the techno market: Patterns, Pseries, Phot, Adult Records, Relatives Records, Cobra Records, Audio Family Records…etc. Due to his hard work as a producer, Raul has released 120 references and more than 170 tracks.

Raul plays regularly around Europe, and even in Latin America sometimes. Special mention to his three-monthly residence in Portugal and Italy. In Spain he’s one of the main techno DJS, proved by his before mentioned residency in Florida135 and Row14.

Artist: Raul Mezcolanza
Tittle: 1605
Rls date: 08-08-2011
Genre: Techno
Source: Web
Type: Set


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Download: Raul Mezcolanza - 1605 (2011-08-08).mp3 - 82.1 MB

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