Len Faki & Marcel Dettmann – Live @ Houztekk – (01-02-2008)

Something about Len Faki:
When Len Faki moved to Berlin in 2003, he could already look back at years of fruitful productivity and the management of two highly acclaimed Techno labels: Monoid and Feis. His move to Berlin marked a decisive turning point in his career. With Len Series he founded an independent platform for his idea of Techno music. The basic concept, including its sub labels Figure and Podium, allows him to e ...xplore musical depths and artistic freedom.

His strong appearances at OstGut (Berlin) culminated in his residency at Berghain (the former OstGut), a position which further fuelled his open-minded approach as both DJ and producer. The characteristic extra-long DJ sets force him to vary in tone, style and feed him with extra inspiration.

At Berghain he also launched his own night on a regular basis to which he invites his colleagues from all over the world. As a logical progression, this night led to establishing his sublabel Podium with releases by Raudive, Shinedoe, Tony Rohr and 2000 And One. From its inception the label’s output was highly received and revered, setting a new standard for cutting edge, exciting Techno experimentation. Len Faki’s own tracks “My Black Sheep” and Odyssee II” turned into massive club hits in the years 2007 and 2008.

While Figure originally stood as a platform for Len’s own work in combination with remixes by friendly artists, Podium aims to release original works by both Faki and other artists. It is an open platform catering for a variety of electronic music. It is clearly directed towards the Techno floor, but always with a rich diversity in mind. After a short creative break, Len Faki has re-launched Figure for it to be more consistent with the idea and policy already established with Podium, meaning to be stylistically open and to be more artist oriented. As a consequence, Len has released music by such established artists as Radio Slave and Luke Slater, but never lost the next generation of talented producers, as numerous eps by Chymera, A.Mochi, Pfirter or Tony Lionni have proven. Consistent with this orientation, Len will relaunch his label Figure after a short creative break with a diversified repertoire. A broad stylistic range has been and is the main objective of both labels.

Artist: Len Faki & Marcel Dettmann 
Tittle:  Live @ Houztekk
Rls date: 01-02-2008
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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