Felix Kroecher – Live @ Nature One 2011 (Germany) – (06-08-2011)

His name is synonymous with techno made in Germany. His mix style is surgically precise, energizing the music into what seems like perpetual motion. What makes his sound outstanding is that it moves the masses without overwhelming them, drawing its strength from the lightest of touches.

The effortlessness with which Felix Kröcher masters his craft has made him a leading figure for a new generation of DJs. Felix grew up to the sound of Frankfurt, the city he was born in 1983. Whilst other kids were more interested in bikes or computers, Felix acquired his first decks at the age of 10 and played his first gigs in public at 16. Having finished his school career, he began a traineeship at the Sunshine Live Youth Radio station. 
With his growing network his ideas and horizons also broadened. Until this day Felix Kröcher can count 61 releases to his name, including artist albums and EPs, remixes and a DVD - “The Live Collection”. It comes as no surprise that Felix Kröcher has firmly established himself as one of the top DJs on the European festival circuit.

The electronic music scene is home to a new generation of young DJs who have not only picked up the torch from the old guard but have their own fresh way of doing things. Felix Kröcher is one of them.

Artist: Felix Kroecher 
Tittle: Live @ Nature One 2011 (Germany) 
Rls date: 06-08-2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set
Genre: Techno


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