Stephan Hinz & Kaiserdisco - Plattenleger (Dasding) (17-07-2011)

By Stephan Hinz:
For sure, Im also deejaying. I did and do it in lots of clubs and in my two radio shows. I have two. One is called DASDING Plattenleger and is on air every Saturday from 10pm to 4am on Germanys finest radio SWR DASDING and SR UNSERDING. The other one is called Global Scum Show and belongs to my record labels Global Scum Records and Global Scum Digital which I founded in the beginning of 2006. I designed this little show to bring the quality of my first show to an even wider, international audience. Its on air every Thursday (11pm 2am) and Saturday (3am 6am) on Turkeys fantastic Dinamo 103.8 FM and yeah, of course, here at Proton Radio. To drop in some names of people with which I played on my gigs and in my shows: Sander Kleinenberg, Timo Maas, Dave Seaman, Oliver Moldan, Martin Eyerer, James Holden, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Mandy, Adam Freeland, King Unique, Gabriel & Dresden and so many more.

Artist: Stephan Hinz & Kaiserdisco 
Tittle:  Plattenleger (Dasding)
Genre: Minimal Tech
Rls date: 17-07-2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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Stephan Hinz - Plattenleger - 17.07.2011
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