Nico Purman & Tolga Fidan @ The T Room Sessions - Maria Peligro, Berlin (22.07.2011)

Biography of Tolga Fidan
Hailing from Paris via London via Istanbul, don’t call our multi-instrumentalist French. Bornand raised in Istanbul, studied in London, and relocated to Paris in 2005, Tolga Fidan considers himself Turkish above all else. 

At just 14, Tolga was playing bass and guitar in post rock bands. Always drawn to experimental music, he was taken with the sounds of Sonic Youth, Autechre, Pansonic, and Austrian experimentalists Fennesz. From this past, Tolga’s musical interest organically morphed into deep techno, signed exclusively with Vakant, and became the label’s youngest-ever artist. 

Since breaking into the electronic dance music consciousness with his first ever release "Now I’m Weak EP" on Vakant (VA009) in 2006, he has earned the esteem of fans and techno heavyweights the world over in record time. Perhaps even more freaky, his lush and beautifully produced debut EP was created from the most modest bedroom studio means and mixed on headphones costing less than a round of late night drunken kebabs. Almost instantly this EP got the attention of people like Sven Vath. From there, in 2007 Tolga released "Venice / Tanbulistan EP" (VA014) to critical appeal. Unprecedentedly a track from both his first 2 EPs was licensed to Cocoon for their seventh and eighth season Ibiza mix compilations. 

Continuing his exclusive roll on Vakant, Tolga most recently let loose his third installment "All Pleasure Is Relief EP" (VA018), a moving, evolving, and sprawling electronic soundscape. This last work perhaps best illustrates the breadth of Tolga scope incorporating a multi ethnic feel, showcasing his musicality, and redrawing techno boundaries. 

Together with Vakant, Tolga Fidan’s bottomless sound, constantly morphing arrangement, and eclectic sound design that somehow points towards the orient have taken him so far in so little time.

Artist: Nico Purman & Tolga Fidan 
Tittle: @ The T Room Sessions - Maria Peligro, Berlin 
Genre: Minimal Techno
Rls date: 22.07.2011
Source: Web
Type: Set


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